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Dawn of the Tempest

Dawn of the Tempest

24km Disruptors have been the center of 95% of all successful PVP setups since the inception of T2.  The reasoning behind this is sound.  The more points you have available, the more ships you can keep locked down when you are winning.  The logic fits well in dealing with high sec combat (war-decs) and low-sec combat especially.  However, this does beg the question..

Could it be more efficent?

Really.  In High and low sec there really isn’t much of an option.  But what about 0.0?  Is it truly necessary for every ship to have a point?  Especially Battleships?  The more I ponder this, the more I’m left struck that in 0.0, the typical mixed fleets and small gangs already have the majority of bases covered.  Interceptors, typically fit HACs, Hictors, Dictors, T1/T2 Frigates, even Battlecruisers generally all carry some sort of tackle and can target much faster than battleships.

In many cases, it would actually be better to fit either a Target Painter or a Tracking Disruptor than a Warp Disruptor.  A Scram would be a nice addition, even a web for RR Battleships, but really.. why waste the midslot with an extra point, when you could instead using that slot for something that will be more effective for your fleets?