Well.. today it happened.

I lead my first major gang operation.  I wish I could tell you that we single handedly removed all of AAA, Atlas, and UK.. me in my Muinn and my Battlecruiser friends.. but such luck was not on my side.  We did a fairly large patrol, deep into former -7- and Steel territory to harrass the new non-friendly renters.  Our fleet consisted of a solid battlecruiser group, some inties, a dictor, a blackbird, and myself running a much more expensive Muninn.

We managed to get to XHQ without so much as a stir from any of the locals, however, while trying to hunt down anomaly ratters there, we decided to take a gander at the pocket.  Well, after a bit of time plotting our moves in the pocket, our fleet got jumped from a fleet in JEIV (they were waiting for us docked, while a bait Onyx was outside).  Their strike split my fleet in half, so the ones outside the pocket exited system and waited near the gate, while the other fleet (thanks to some excellent FC’ing by Greyhound37.. one of the main guys helping me..) we managed to get all but one Brutix out safely and back to our home space.  Not a great FC job.. but the enemy had one more ship, and they were flying a Falcon and three battleships in addition to BCs.  So.. maybe next time I’ll risk it.. but I just need the experience right now.