Wounded after the Battle of the D-G 9-1 POS.

As I mentioned before, I am an in the trenches pilot.  I don’t FC just for the fact that by the time I get home from a long day at work, the last thing I need is someone to not follow orders (its bad enough that I have to deal with that in real life).  One thing that we try to do as a corp is operate a cohesive force with whatever alliance we are a part of.  Sometimes that means bringing Recons or Interdictors, when we would prefer to bring in DPS.  Other times, it means the opposite.  Either way, its a personal goal, and a corporate goal, to be flexible and able to adjust to make the gang as effective as we personally can make it.

The question though might be raised.. why?  Why should a corp, or even an individual pilot, make that effort?

The answer is complex, but factual, as far as I have determined in all my years of Eve, from capital fights down to small gang roams.  Simply, the more adaptable a fleet can be, the more effective it is.  Translating that from “nice saying” to killmails is the complex part.  When you as a pilot are able to bring a ship to the fleet that can make it more effectively flexible, you give your FC, and thus your fleet, more opportunities to succeed.  By allowing that flexibility, you as the individual pilot can help it evolve from a mere gang to a bonified team from a blob of ships to a working fleet.

But the responsiblities do not stop there.  Eventually, you will have the opportunity to FC your own fleet.  As difficult as it can be, don’t shirk from it.  If you do, it’ll be easier to step away the next time, and the next.  Eventually, it becomes alot of work to get yourself back into the habit of running fleets.  So just do it from the start, keep a level head, and learn from your mistakes (which will be many.. and expensive).  However, there are some rules you should follow:

Orakkus’ FC Rule 1:  Unless you are in a fast moving frigate gang, NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER try to run a fleet from an interceptor.  It is just plain fail and if anyone thinks they can are either extremely talented (not at all likely), or very naive (99.99% likely).  From personal experience, FCs who run fleets from interceptors lose the ability to understand how slow ships move.  They also are too distracted by tackling duties to keep tabs on fleet, as well as enemy, locations.  Because of these reasons, Inty FCs will often have people target ships far out of range, or do not realize that the fleet has spread out too far apart to support itself.  I have been in enough of these fleets over the years that I never join them anymore.

Orakkus’ FC Rule 2:  A FC’s job is difficult and time consuming.  It also requires you to be on the field of battle the entire time if possible.  Therefore, as FC, NEVER put yourself in a ship you know will be targetted in the beginning of a fight.  This rules out Interdictors, Recons, Heavy Dictors, Command Ships, Tacklers, etc.  In a smaller gang, you can get away with it, but as the fleet gets larger, your duties as FC becomes more complex and it is the responsibility of your Fleetmates to bring the ships you need, not the ships they want, so that you can focus on running the fleet.

Orakkus’ FC Rule 3:  Have Backups planned in advance.  Backup FCs allow the fleet to remained focused.  The fleet itself doesn’t need to know who it is (because of possible spies within your operations), however, you can have them predetermined so that if you have to leave the battlefield all the FC needs to say is “Next caller” and that person picks up right where you left off.

Now that I am spreading my FC wings myself.. if I find any more good tidbits.. I’ll add them to the list.  🙂  See you on the battlefield.