The war may not be over.. CVA could come back from the ashes.. And this could just be another chapter in the ever interesting saga that has enveloped the two largest RP alliances in game…

Or it could truly be the end.  Its hard to tell at this point as CVA still has alot of quality pilots.. but even now, it seems that they are ignoring the reality that they may not have space in days if not hours.  Instead, the forums are full of how to make changes to NRDS to account for Dominion.  In my humble opinion, perhaps this was the discussion they should have had before they tried to take Catch space.  No one in Paxton thought it was a good idea the first time around.. much less the second time CVA/LFA invaded Catch.  I know, I was there for both.  I was one of those who talked with Randall when the call went out for PXF to join the invasion.  I have to admit, there was quite a bit of satisfaction when after a bit, Randall said, “No.  El Torrent said we weren’t going to play sov games.”  Oh, hearing LFA FCs be pissed on chat was wonderful.  But, I was rather disappointed when later the order was reversed.  Everyone in Paxton knew this would result.  But..  we still fought and are still fighting.  And I’m proud to say that not only have we kept fighting.. we’ve improved.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally owe no alliegence to CVA.  Having flown under them as part of the Citadel gang, we as a corp and our alliance (Blackwater) spent months trying to get their attention so that we could get a small piece of 0.0 space.  We thought we got their attention.  Now.. heh, I see we were just another sad corp/alliance to them, supposedly begging for their help.  But, they had no intention of rewarding us.  They just fed us scraps to keep us around.  Even now as I fought for them under the Paxton banner, they’ve treated us like secondary citizens… as if our existance was just tolerated.  But we like Paxton and they respect us, so we stay and we fight.. and we work hard to fill our KBs with the enemy.   And now.. “superior” CVA pilots are few and far between, while Paxton pilots and FCs have improved with the constant fighting.

So, what will  happen?  I don’t know to be honest.  AAA/UK could overrun us fairly easy given their numbers and we would have to find a new home.  If that happens, somehow I think CVA will tag along… though they need a large dose of humility at this point (as losing trillions in not only CVA but holder assets as well should).  Or AAA/UK will just leave us be a place for the other guys to roam, though if they were serious about keeping us in fighting form, they would at least let us get a pipe to empire.  Either way, its going to be interesting few weeks.

(to steal a popular CVA quote…) Paxton Victor!