Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I am working on some Rapier fits, as quite a few of my visitors have requested that I take a look at it.  I just got a Rapier yesterday and I am fiddling around with various options, but I haven’t been able to test any of them in our roaming ops.  That being said, I figure there are about three, possibly four seperate task-specific fittings that I will be trying out.

On a positive note, my Huginn was replace rather quickly and has been out an about saying hi to our new neighbors.. hehe.. especially since Providence has now become a test bed for new alliances.  I know we’ve had some good fights with Noir. and they have definately stepped up their game after a pretty nasty loss of a T2 frigate fleet.  We’re seeing alot stronger defensive ops and HAC gangs from them, so they will be fun.  I also was involved in some action against Agony Unleashed and that fight was alot of fun.  We held the field, but I have alot of respect for them and they fought hard and “GF” were had all around.

Here’s the link to the battle: http://paxton-federation.info/killboard/?a=kill_related&kll_id=64649