Well, I’ll start with the good news.  The station at D-G is now back in Paxton hands.  As much as I would say it was because of Paxton’s uber fighting prowess, it wasn’t.  -A- chose to return D-G to Paxton.. well, just because it wanted to.  Yep, that was real nice.  Real nice. 

(/emo rage on)

I’ve written before that I have a fairly.. um.. negative view of CVA.  Having fought with them time and time again under various circumstances, as well as dealing with the current political situation has not changed that viewpoint.  After the loss at D-G, we still fought despite utterly believing we were going to lose everything.  Our numbers kept increasing and we kept coming to the fights.  Meanwhile, most of the holder alliances and in particular CVA itself lost its heart.  They hardly lost any people from their alliance (at most a couple hundred), yet their presence was at best only a token force the majority of times.  Even now, as I read the CVA forums and the interview at Eve-Tribune (http://www.eve-tribune.com/index.php?no=5_16&page=4) it seems hard to believe that any of them have any clue really what this is going to take.  Chosing to deal with game issues in an “RP” way is just pointless.  You don’t win anything.  You don’t win battles, you don’t win e-honour, you don’t win anything.  You just lose.

And don’t get me started on the “metagaming” issue.  Even Aralis wasn’t able to give a good reason not to do it!  “Metagaming is cheating?”, really?  And trying to justify spying as “bad” while trying to covertly overthrow LFA’s leadership.. is just hypocritical.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of LFA and in my opinion they got what they deserved, especially after lasterax failed at defending himself on Eve-O forums.  But, come on!  Trying to have an alliance’s membership overthrow their leader IS METAGAMING (facepalm)!  Because of this and other situations, CVA is STILL plays into -A-‘s hand.  All -A- has done is what it says it will do.  That’s ALL it needs to do against CVA, and CVA will always look stupid against that because it needs to start thinking beyond “RP” alliances.

(/emo rage off)

In other news, I was in a gang last night and we got spanked by an Agony fleet.  Considering that I posted our victory last time.. I should eat a little crow and let them have their rightfully deserved glory: http://www.paxton-federation.info/killboard/?a=kill_related&kll_id=66169  As you won’t notice, there were two or three Guardians in the fleet, and I was the only logi on our side.  Our FC didn’t see the Guardians at all and ordered the attack (had his overview set to distance, and the Guardians were about 50 to 70km off of gate repping at a distance.. if I recall correctly).  I was locked down faster than a rockstar at a groupie convention.  At least I got my pod out, but at the debrief the FC explained where he messed up.

Now if we could just get some more NA TZ corps in our alliance..

Anyways, I’m off to Seattle for a couple days so everyone keep your guns loaded and your targets running.  o/