No, I wasn’t there.

If I knew it was going to be as epic as it turned out to be.. I would have taken the day off.

Here’s the resulting killboards from the Paxton Side: and from the major player on the other side, U’K:

Apparently from those who were there, the system had generally little lag and the fighting was intense for over an hour.  Someone from Paxton was even able to get some of the fighting frapped.

Randall Alba wrote this on Scrapheap (stolen from Kirith’s blog here:

Since the initial attack on MH9 Paxton have been on a full war footing with all active pilots expected to be in fleets ready to defend our little corner of space.

The iHub was due out of reinforced just after 20:00. Fleet formed quickly as we entered EU primetime reaching about 160 as our friends in CVA came from empire to support.

Scouts were deployed and a close eye kept on the map for force buildups. The only major concentration seemed to be in 9UY with a titan ready to bridge.

Reports came through that the titan was beginning to bridge but a comms failure meant that the target system wasn’t know immediately. The defence fleet couldn’t move to block until hostiles began to enter system, most burned out of the bubbles and warped off to regroup.

Enemy was located at the gate to T-R. Sniper fleet warped to engage and an extended action occurred near the gate with both fleets manouvering on grid and using warp outs to reposition. U’K and friends eventually disengaged to reform.

The iHub was by this time out of reinforced so the decison was taken to engage the SBU’s which immediately brought the hostile fleet back to engage.

Carriers were then deployed to repair the ihub. The full force of the remaining hostiles relocated to engage them with the main defence fleet in pursuit. Carriers were safely extracted to a friendly POS.

Shortly after this U’K appear to have decided to call it quits for this one and began to pull out.

SBU’s were again targeted but the only interference was from an occasional straggler.

All SBU’s destroyed and repairs to iHub ongoing as I had to leave to get some sleep.

Battle as seen on PXF killboard

A big thanks to our friends who came to help directly and also those who were operating nearby and intercepted a number of hostile supply vessels en-route.

It was an intense totally smack-free fight and I think everyone had lots of fun.

Butterdog, posted his side of the combat on Kugutsumen here:

This victory is Paxtons and they fully deserve it. Their participation was excellent, really quite astounding, and they deserve full credit

On our side, there are many basic errors we made which led to the inevitable.

For a start, everyone on our side brought shit numbers apart from UK – as you can see on the Paxton killboard summary. U’K brought as many people as all the other Providence residents combined, which when you look at total membership numbers is nothing short of ridiculous.

The other factor is a bizarre insistence on using seperate voice comms – something I’ve been totally opposed to since day 1 of joint ops and something many of our members complain about too. It’s nothing short of stupid that we don’t unfiy the fleet under 1 FC or even use the same ship types. Yesterday ‘other’ Providence residents brought RRBS and UK were in snipers, and combine that with seperate voice comms and you are can’t expect to perform optimally.

You could have predicted the outcome the moment we jumped into system, given these factors. But basically at the moment, if the new providence residents want to prove themselves, they need to step up their participation because last night was terrible. And we (UK) need to take a more firm leadership role and get everyone into our fleets and voice comms.

We (UK) performed pretty well on our own last night, as the U’K KB summary shows, and most of our fleet was still intact – but New Providence was all in pods and despite talk of reshipping it didn’t happen.

Well, that all sounds quite negative but no point spinning the obvious – we failed, and need to raise our game.

(and yeah, not working on the cynojammer first was… doh)

Paxton is still of the mind that its still a long road, but it still is planning to fight.  On a side note, it was also nice to see CVA start to show up stronger as well.  Either way, I salute the Paxton and CVA pilots for their fighting prowess.  U’K will have to try harder and we’ve given all the new holders a taste of how strong Paxton can be.

(For the record, when I first saw the results of the killboard, CVA’s numbers had not registered yet and I was rather upset at CVA for not coming to help.  Later, it was noted while they agree that their numbers weren’t what they should have been, that it was still 50% participation on their side, not counting alts.  Needless to say, I feel bad for ranting on the CVA forums over the issue and I apologize on behalf of myself.)