Last night, again in a battle that was too early for me to be a part of, the fight for MH9.. and essentially the heart of Paxton Federation was lost to the coalition force of U’K.  It wasn’t a good defeat either, it looked like our forces were soundly trounced on by the actions of enemy.  The review of the combat action indicates something I am at a loss of words for. 

We lost mainly because of communication issues. 

Not just any communication issues, but the very same communication issues that caused the defeat of the U’K coalition forces at the first MH9 battle.  It seemed that CVA couldn’t bring itself to use our voice comms, and quite a few of our pilots had trouble following directions, either because they were AFK or just not paying attention.  And we had far fewer battleships than what was needed.  The anti-support fleet on Paxton side appear to have been hard at work as there were quite a few interdictor killmails for them, but it doesn’t appear that our forces moved cohesively either with CVA or within our own.  The numbers of combatants on both sides appear to have been relatively equal, though Daisho brought a Titan to the field, and as much as I hate to say it.. seeing one of those can really drain morale if you are already on the losing side.

Personally, I think it was a matter of time, though making the U’K coalition hurt for their victories would have certainly slowed the inevitable and perhaps given us the ability to improve upon our skills.  The numbers arrayed against us were pretty large, as far alliance membership goes.  Not including -A- and some minor visitors, the U’K coalition fielded a membership of over 6047 pilots.  Paxton on the other hand has only 657.. though we did get some support from CVA, Tribal Empire, Core Factor, and some smaller former citadel members.  And considering that Paxton numbers alone matched U’K’s numbers, despite U’K being twice our size, we didn’t do that bad over the course of the war.

It is over?  Well, honestly, it probably is.  We’ll still fight because we still have ships down there and we still might be able to pull out a major victory somewhere to fend off the current enemy force.  But U’K appears to have learned its lesson and they and the rest of the coalition are doing their level best not to give us any rest at all.

I suppose after the last few months.. that fear is well placed.

til next time, keep your guns loaded and your enemies running.