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You know, I think I am going to have to quit my job so that I can get into these major battles.

Today, the I-Hub in I7S was vulnerable.  Though Paxton Fed had fought hard during the entire war, it was clear that the defeat at MH9 had hurt morale.  The fighting spirit still reigned stong however, and Paxton showed up again in fighting force.  The U’K coalition was determined to finally crush that spirit… and fielded an impressive fleet, including approximately twenty carriers.  Unwilling to risk carriers in what was to be a clearly one sided conflict, the Paxton forces formed up in sub-caps.. and prepared for the worst.

When the fighting began, Paxton started to take losses very early on.  However, the real battle had not yet begun.  Unbeknownst to the U’K coalition, Pandemic Legion had set themselves up in a nearby system.. and each one of the pilots were desperate for capital kills.  The U’K coalition was totally and utterly surprised by PL’s sudden entrance into I7S.  Especially since it was entirely composed of HACs and Strategic Cruisers.  Interdictors on the Paxton/PL side were able to bubble the entire capital fleet and were torn apart by the combined forces.  Such was the carnage that 15 carriers were destroyed, and there persist rumors that the other carriers had self-destructed instead of being caught on a Killmail.  The total slaughter amounted to nearly 28 billion in assets versus 3.5 billion on the Paxton side (Paxton Killboard: http://www.paxton-federation.info/killboard/?a=kill_related&kll_id=69071).  A combat pilot of rank on the Paxton side indicated that the battle would have certainly gone the other way without Pandemic Legion coming in as they did. 

This change in fortune was certainly celebrated by all of Paxton, but it is likely that will only delay the inevitable.  Nonetheless, considering the circumstances why Pandemic Legion helped, it makes one wonder.. are others planning to help as well?  Whether that happens or not, Paxton Fed is still in Providence, it is still fighting and U’K and the new locals are certainly wondering, “How many more unexpected surprises are there?”