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It is with a somewhat saddened heart that I tell all my readers what they probably already know.  Paxton Federation is effectively no longer in Providence space.  The last of the old NRDS Providence holders fell over the weekend to the combined forces of Ursha’khan, Noir. Daisho Syndicate, Sodalitas XX, Agony Empire, Opticon Alliance, and Chaos Theory Alliance.  The main members totally a little over six thousand players working against us.  And in the end, it was a combination of factors, including the numbers the U’K Coalition was able to field, inter-alliance communication issues, and general war fatigue that finally did us in.  Still, all in all, we had a good time.. but like all good things, they must end.  It was a good, hard fight and I salute all those who fought, whether it was for us or against us.

It will be interesting to see how -A-‘s experiment will work and if it does work.  There are two big problems that I forsee on the horizon.  The first is expansion.  At least some of these alliances that -A- has installed will probably be looking to expand eventually.  Will -A- take space from one of their neighbors (which will lead to bad blood), or will they have to move out (which would also lead to bad blood)?  What happens should -A- disappear from the political map?

I do see some potential in the experiment, however.  The U’K coalition was able to get itself organized enough to kick Paxton Federation out of Providence, and I think the region as a whole will be better for it.  Daisho apparently has the leadership chops (and the capital ships) to organize any serious threat against the region as a whole.  Ursha’Khan is in its transition stage, deciding to probably move all into Providence.  Recapturing Unity Station was a major morale booster, one that they will probably be riding on for quite a while.  Agony Empire will probably do well because they seem to be very adaptable and have a good track record for training.  Noir. will be interesting because its a true Merc corp, and its been a while since a real Merc corp held space.  The modified NRDS policy though probably won’t work very well.  Still, Noir. are proven and capable fighters and able to field higher quality pilots.  This victory also will help Opticon Alliance, which was very hastily formed at the start of this year.. though I imagine they have some growing pains they will undergo.  Chaos Theory Alliance can finally relax a bit and get itself situated in 0.0 space.  Sodalitas XX will also have a bit of a rest too, though I still think there is some bad blood between them and Daisho. 

All in all, I think that if Ursha’Khan can keep the alliances on a steady keel, they shouldn’t have any problem fending off attacks by CVA, even if they get to be more serious Sov contests.  However, Ursha’Khan will need to reign in some of their more vocal posters, like Butter Dog.  Treating the new holders with disrespect will bite you.. just like it did with CVA, and I can say pretty substantially that Ursha’Khan wouldn’t have been able to kick us out without their new holder’s help.. so give them the credit they deserve.. even if all they brought were numbers.

For Paxton Federation though, now is probably the time that most pilots hate.  Many folks in Eve have understood that leaving can be a hard thing, and the longer the time you’ve stayed the harder it can be to pack up and ship out.  PVP corps tend to have the easiest time because their assets move.  Industrial players however, have more static assets and need to make many more adjustments.. and those take time.  As many have guessed, Paxton Fed has already gotten most, if not all, of their assets out of Providence.. or at least the ones they plan to take.  Now we search for a home.  The High Command has not said anything in particular about what our plans are.. but they don’t involve CVA anymore.  

The last battle that involved CVA was described by one of the combatants as not a PXF/CVA fleet versus the U’K coalition, but PXF versus the U’K coalition, and some other ships flying around.  CVA had apparently decided that it was beneath them to use Paxton’s voice comms.  Its rather sad that CVA chose to treat Paxton like this, but it doesn’t surprise me.  While Aralis is certainly a nice guy in person (and I’ve seen him with us on multiple ops, including the more boring station repair operations).. but perhaps the RP factor just got out of hand at the alliance level.  Or more accurately, I think the fake RP arrogant attitude turned into real arrogance.  I don’t think CVA has what it takes to rebuild itself.. and while the alliance membership numbers haven’t dropped, their participation certainly has not improved.  They will likely lose a few of the PVP players, but it will be a while before the realization that CVA has too much fat and even more time will pass before they can get to where they need to be.

Well, I probably won’t be posting very much until after we find out new home.  Both because of the time, and because I need a good place to field test combat fits.  But until then, keep your guns loaded and your enemy running.