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So, you’ve gone through all the previous sections relating to the Minmatar Battleship?  No?  That’s okay.. here’s the quick sheet:

For PVE – Mission Running:

  • First Place – Maelstrom:  Its relatively simple and direct setup allows a newer pilot to easily derive a reasonably acceptable configuration from the very outset.  Large shield protection, High CPU and Powergrid, one defensive bonus, large drone bay, all allow the newer pilot to start off well in Missions.
  • Second Place (tie) – Tempest/Typhoon – This depends on your missile/drone skills versus your projectile skills.  If your missile and drone skills are good, then go with the Cruise Typhoon.  If your projectile skills are good, then go for the Tempest which has a double damage bonus and can be reasonably tanked well either in shield/armor and active/passive setups.
  • Bad Choice – None

For PVP – Sniper Configurations:

  • 1st Place – Tempest:  While the Maelstrom does more damage and can target longer ranges, the Tempest has the advantage of being able to deal nearly the same amount of damage.. while also being armor tanked and having a couple potentially useful utility High slots.  However, the moment shield sniping fleets become more common, it will have to share first place with the Maelstrom.
  • 2nd Place – Maelstrom:  Certainly able to reach excellent ranges and requiring less modules to do so, the Maelstrom is only hampered by the fact that its a shield tanker.
  • Bad Choice – Typhoon:  You should never use a Typhoon as a sniper ship.  The combination of weapon systems that you are required to use plus a minimal amount of midslot emphasize that the Typhoon has no business as a sniper boat.

For PVP – Remote Repair Configurations:

  • First Place – Typhoon: Simply one of the best short range battleships available.  Damage can be brought by Torpedoes, ACs, and Drones plus alot of useful tactical modules like Neutralizers and Vamps that can reek havoc on your target.  The only downfall is that you need to skill up alot of skills before that can happen.
  • Second Place – Tempest: The Tempest can do alot of projectile damage, while fielding two Remote Armor Repair modules.  It’s relatively manuverable and versatile allowing for both armor and shield tanking configurations.
  • Bad Choice – Maelstrom: Much of the damage power of the Maelstrom revolves around it being able to use all eight high slots for turrets.  Even dropping one turret for remote rep, even a shield transporter, brings its damage below that of a Tempest.  Plus, given that current faults of Shield Transporters, you will end up having to further gimp your Maelstrom with a CPU fitting module.

For PVP – Solo Combat Configurations:

  • 1st Place – Typhoon:  There is no other Battleship, save perhaps the Dominix, that is as dangerous in solo PVP as the Typhoon.  Its massive drone bay, its 5/5 turret/missile setup, its raw speed and agility, low sig radius, plus its seven low slots for tank mark it as a truly destructive entity. 
  • 2nd Place  (Tie) – Tempest/Maelstrom:  The Tempest is fast, has a relatively low sig radius, has two utility high slots, and can be tanked either shield or armor.  The Maelstrom has a good active defense bonus while having plenty of powergrid and cpu for a strong offensive setup and is coupled with a better than average sized drone bay.
  • Bad Choice – All of them.. if you don’t have the skills.

So, that begs the question for the new pilot.. with so many options, what is the best path to get there and what do I need?  That.. will be covered in a later article 🙂  Until then, keep your guns loaded and your enemies running!