Our Alliance Diplomant was recently interviewed (05-20-10- Today) by a member of ISD.  ISD for those who don’t know stand for Insterstellar Services Department.  It is a volunteer (of sorts) organization that supports various Eve Online tasks, like the helpful Eve Wiki as well as looking for various bugs and issues.  However, probably the most well known is the YARR division or the “Yulai Archives & Records Repository team”.  Very often you will see their articles headlining when you first access your browser (if you haven’t changed the initial home page) or when you log into the character screen, those “news” bits regarding various actions happening through out Eve.

To be honest, I didn’t give them much attention.. nor was it necessary as our previous corps and alliances flew underneath their radar.  I got my news usually from http://www.eve-tribune.com/ or http://www.kugutsumen.com/forum.php (if I want to get some varied viewpoints along with some smack).  I even hit up both friendly and not-so-friendly blogs to get a few more sides to a particular situation.  Its a fun, exciting, and interesting way to look at a world that is changing constantly.

So, how does ISD come into this?  Well, here’s an interview of Randall Alba (Paxton’s Diplomat) that was done today by ISD:

[20:10:27] ISD Najax Lergazin > good day randall
[20:10:35] ISD Najax Lergazin > do you have a few minutes for an interview?
[20:10:41] Randall Alba > sure
[20:11:07] ISD Najax Lergazin > cool
[20:11:35] ISD Najax Lergazin > we have been monitoring the situation in providence and noticed that PXF has started to lose significant ground
[20:11:41] ISD Najax Lergazin > 3 outposts according to my sources
[20:11:49] ISD Najax Lergazin > i’d love to understand the present situation
[20:11:50] Randall Alba > yes that is correct
[20:12:33] Randall Alba > our opponents have reorganised themselves and have brought their numbers to bear
[20:12:56] Randall Alba > we are unable to stand against almost 10 to 1 odds
[20:13:38] ISD Najax Lergazin > which numbers are exactly at play?
[20:13:52] ISD Najax Lergazin > paxton has 600 active members as much as i see
[20:14:09] ISD Najax Lergazin > are you telling me you are figthing against more than 6000 capsuleer and still holding some ground?
[20:14:18] Randall Alba > the whole strength of the new residents of providence
[20:14:32] Randall Alba > about 6000 strong
[20:14:53] Randall Alba > we have lost this war and wiil be pulling back,
[20:15:22] Randall Alba > further major actions would be a futile gesture
[20:15:57] Randall Alba > we need to give our pilots a chance to regroup
[20:16:04] ISD Najax Lergazin > is the retreat being done now? and how are you managing it?
[20:16:41] Randall Alba > I can’t go into detail but most major assets are already safe
[20:17:34] ISD Najax Lergazin > i see
[20:17:56] Randall Alba > our opponents aren’t particularly active and and aren’t making any real effort to interfere
[20:18:06] ISD Najax Lergazin > can you give me the names of the strongest opponents, aside for the well known U’k, Star fraction and Agains All Autorithies
[20:18:37] Randall Alba > -A- have not been involved in this campaign
[20:19:02] Randall Alba > apart for U’K and SF the main players are
[20:20:28] Randall Alba > Chaos Theory, Opticon, Legio Astartes Arcanum, Daisho, Soldatas XX
[20:21:20] Randall Alba > We have had support from CVA and a number of the residents of Lower Domain
[20:22:36] Randall Alba > and additionally Pandemic Legion came to assist and we managed to destroy 15 carriers with their help
[20:22:57] ISD Najax Lergazin > what will paxton federation do in the future?
[20:23:13] Randall Alba > that is currently being discussed
[20:24:07] ISD Najax Lergazin > i see
[20:24:14] Randall Alba > we will temporarily return to our base in Lower Domain while we consider options
[20:24:33] ISD Najax Lergazin > well, i will start writing the article as soon as possible… meanwhile, do you want to release a final statement?
[20:27:16] Randall Alba > I’d just like to thank all our pilots and those of our friends and allies for their commitment and efforts through the last few months.
[20:27:53] ISD Najax Lergazin > i see
[20:28:03] ISD Najax Lergazin > thank you for your help randall, is very much appreciated
[20:28:20] ISD Najax Lergazin > and of course, let me know if something interesting is going to happen
[20:28:25] Randall Alba > np, happy to talk
[20:28:33] ISD Najax Lergazin > wish u safe flying
[20:28:50] Randall Alba > sure thing, fly safe
The above interview is like asking a hockey team what their chances of winning the Stanley Cup are, a week after the game has already been lost.  I’m not sure who’s Najax sources are, but just a few minutes on Dotlan, Killboards, and Kugs.. shoot.. just flying around Providence would have gotten you more accurate picture of the situation.  There were no “real” questions, there was nothing about the interview that would indicate even any possibility of putting together an interesting article, much less a relevant one.  It seems that the ISD, ISDIC (Corrected as per Crocodile)division has decided to take up tabloid journalism.  Pretty soon I suspect that certain bloggers will be abducted by aliens and having babies that look like wolfmen.


Here’s a little better ainterview from Eve Tribune:


Iltarus Almondis: For those unfamiliar with the Alliances in Providence: What is your role in the Paxton Federation?
Gibguard: Currently I am de facto alliance President our previous President El Torrent having taken a back seat due to planetside commitments.

IA: How is Paxton ruled? Do you have a council or is it only the Lord who makes all the decisions?
G: I have a High Council of 5 senior members who act as my advisers and a wider council made up of CEO’s and directors of our various member corporation, ultimately I make decisions based on their advice and what I believe is best for alliance.

IA: What is the reason for Ushra’Khan and it’s Allies in Providence to attack you?
G: After the initial completion of the AAA attack on providence in response to LFA led aggression in AAA space we were given D-G back by AAA with no strings attached and no agreement for PXF to take part in the NIP the red alliances had agreed to.

Apart from our pilots having spent virtually all their online time constantly incapacitating our new neighbors station services. Sometime ago one of the red alliances Chaos Theory dropped sov in AY-24I next door to our space and PXF decided to kill a POS being on lined in the system for LOLZ. CVA decide to drop a TCU and down the IHUB in the system it seemed rude not to help them knock these down as we had DPS in system at the time.

I already had intel that UK were intending to invade QBL-BV in a pre-emptive strike within a week or two, however, they used this incident as a cover for their aggression the rest we know is history.

IA: Are you getting support from the “old” holders of Providence like CVA?
G: We are getting support from a number of directions including CVA and other holders all of which is nice to see.

IA: How is the war going in your eyes?
G: Paxton with the support from friends is fighting a valiant and bold defense of our space, however, it’s obvious to all observers what the eventual outcome will be. Our fleets when equally matched in terms of numbers and ships have consistently won engagements, our roaming gangs are returning to base with excellent kill statistics.

Our small alliance of some 700 members could perhaps hold our own against any one of the aggressor alliances but to go toe to toe with alliances amounting to 10 times our numbers who have been bringing fleets which outnumber us by as much as two and a half to one, well the outcome is an eventual forgone conclusion.

However the war finishes, Paxton Federation will be the overall winner, we will come out of the fight a better, stronger and more cohesive force and group for the experience.

IA: What do you think about the future of NRDS (=Not red, don’t shoot) policies, should PXF be driven out of Providence?
G: NRDS will continue if not in this area of space somewhere else, the principle is good for some and not for others, PXF will for the time being continue with NRDS as our ROE that situation may or may not be reviewed in the future.

IA: Would you like to share a personal opinion on Ushra’Khan with us?
G: We have great respect for many members of Ushra’Khan, having fought them for years, following their harassment of Paxton pilots entering Providence. This provided much of the stimulus for us to become friends with CVA. As guerrilla fighters they are some of the best in New Eden, the conversion to a more conventional combat fleet has however brought with it a need to bulk up in numbers and this had unfortunately led to a noticeable drop in the behavioral standards of U’K pilots. Mind you Ombey makes good maps and is always polite in local.

IA: If you are okay with a non-RP question: What do you think about the new Sov System, and how big is the impact of the mechanics on the actual Warfare?
G: I’m not overall impressed by it, I understood it would make it easier for smaller alliances to hold sov, that seems laughable as I see it its just an ISK drain for alliances to have to deal with I can’t say I have seen it make sov any easier to hold than POS spamming was

IA: What about the technical difficulties (Lag, node death, not loading grid)? Have they changed the warfare and tactics?
G: Reinforcing nodes seems to help somewhat, I would as many others would, like to see CCP concentrate more effort into improving this aspect of the game. New graphics and shiny new ships are all fine but totally useless when your not able to play the game through lag issues

IA: Is there something else you want to let our readers know?
G: There are many things but your readers don’t need to be bored any further by me.

IA: Thank you very much for this Interview.


I like the Eve Tribune interview much better because it actually focuses on what the interviewee’s perspective is, as well as gives some decent questions that some pod pilots are certainly thinking about.  ISD didn’t even think to ask about the NRDS question, but that is a pretty significant issue.  Remember the most long standing and well known NRDS area (and probably the largest if I recall correctly) in all of Eve.  It had retained a certain level of success and is difficult to pull off with any type of success just due to the background work that has to be put into it.  Both CVA and Paxton are still serious about setting up NRDS areas whereever they decide to go.  U’K hints from time to time about going NRDS, as well as some of the new holders.. I haven’t seen anyone asking serious questions of either CVA, Paxton, U’K, or the New holders how they plan to impliment their NRDS policies and what issues they think they will have.  See, information like that is important to a pilot living near Providence, whether they be a pirate, or they be an industrialist, or they be someone who just wants to get the 0.0 experience for the first time.
Hmm.. maybe I should ask about that…