It was a long day stuck in the Republic station while his battleship, “Loud Scream II” was being repaired.  High sec certainly didn’t agree with Orakkus, but as silly as it may seem..  even “gods” need money.  He had been more successful than some at keeping his crews alive, but eventually like all things politics get in the way. 

Which is why he was now in High Sec.

Once his alliance had truly left null sec, it started the “slow” descent into the dark abyss at a speed that rivaled microwarp drives.  Orakkus wasn’t in the High Council or High Command.. which he preferred since it left him more time to wrenching on his ships.  But it sounded like the new leader had problems with the previous leader and the previous leader had problems with the new leader.  And in the end, an alliance that was able to give pause to the onslaught of major coalitions ended like so many do.  Hard feelings and blame.  All that glory, all that fighting.. and enough honor that no Paxton pilot could hang his head low.  And for 0.0 space.

A waitress passed by and Orakkus ordered a local specialty he hadn’t heard of before… and a dark beer imported from one of the small systems in Caldari space.  Like most things, it usually starts out as rumor to grunts like Orakkus.  And rumor is usually a good thing to ignore, or a good thing to spread.. but certainly not to pay attention to, he thought.  Still, when one of the industrial corporations left with their CEO, who also happened to be the current leader of the alliance then something big definately went down.  It’s a rather frustrating thing to see your friends implode, guys you followed, guys you saved from their own demise.  But when this happens, you can bet the fireworks were alot brighter the closer to it you were.

The waitress came back with a steaming rack of ribs from some slaver dog and his beer.  Orakkus looked at his food, leaned back a bit and took a good look around.  There were a few Amarr, a contingent of Caldari in the corner.. a Gallente couple in the corner as well as a number of free Minmatar pilots.  He chuckled to himself.  “Welcome to Eve..”  His comlink lit up informing him that the “Loud Scream II” had its repair finished and several of the crews had begun to board.

He grabbed his fork and started to eat.