Paxton Federation, for those who have not yet heard (though, I’d be rather surprised if you hadn’t) has finally passed.

While I have my commentary on this.. it would do little more than match the ones that are already there:

Rixx Javix’s take on the situation is here, at Eveoganda:

Our most illustrious blogger, Kirith, also put up his views on this:

And of course, for a play by play first and third party narrative, you can go here:

Am I upset?  Yeah, a bit.  As a combat grunt, its really frustrating when suddenly you go from having strong, unified leadership to a bunch of broken glass in a little less than a week.  I know enough about the situation that I could take a side.. but its rather moot at this point.  Our corporation left and I think it was a real good decision to get out of the situation and I think we are going into a great opportunity for m3 Corp, with alot of strong PVP corps that we can learn from as well as team up with.  It is however, a good lesson for any CEO/Alliance leader who wishes to transfer power, what to do and what not to do, as well as when to let go.

Still, the situation with Paxton was real good for m3 prior and during the war, and we made alot of good allies and friends.  Quite a few of which now reside as allies with us in the North.  We look forward to seeing how well we stack up against the more notable corporations of the NC.  Who knows?  Maybe one day people will be thinking of m3 in those terms.