CCP Zulu, formerly CCP Zulupark, decided to give us a bit of goings on behind in his blog:

While the blog is rather informative, it was clearly put out to counter various CSM blogs, such as Mynxee’s “Life in Low Sec” post and just normal players like Letrange’s Eve Blog post .  It is rather detailed, and goes into why each one is being done, which is a nice addition.  Quite a few people have disagreed with their priorities, particularly since much of these tasks outlined by Zulu don’t appear to help any current aspect of game play (i.e. lag or lowsec).

However what I am somewhat surprised about is why, particularly Minmatar pilots, didn’t sneer the moment this CCP dev clarified who he was.

CCP Dev Zulupark…

.. the dev who single-handedly delayed much needed updates to the Minmatar weapons and ships for years.

.. i.e. the dev whose “name will not be mentioned”…

.. and now he’s a senior producer.

It scares me for the game to see Zulupark so integrated at this point.  I don’t have anything personally against the guy, but his past actions indicate to me that he will continually steer the developers to new things while ignoring serious game problems.

  • Zulupark delayed the Amarr getting a boost, back when they were horrible and were proven horrible.
  • Zulupark delayed the boost to the Minmatar for years after several nerf/buffs made most Minmatar ships worthless in PVP situations, particularly battleships.  This was despite the recordable and tested facts that were presented directly to him regard problems with projectile weapons and Tempests in particular.  His counters to them turned out to be based on the belief that Minmatar ships “feel balanced”, as well as comments made by Zulupark that ended up being factually inaccurate and misleading.  It wasn’t until CCP Nozh actually ran the numbers that proved the EVE community correct that the ball finally got rolling.
  • A review of suggestions made by Zulupark for game changes even surprised me by the fact that one word constantly made its appearance.  That word was “WTF?”

I feel for the CSMs because now that I know Zulupark is involved, they can expect him to do whatever it takes not to do the correct thing, or even to do anything that goes against his world view…

.. facts or no.