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I’ll state this right now.. I hate Stealth Bombers.  I actually loathe to fly them.  The reasons are two fold:

  1. I see far too many pilots think they are an acceptable ship instead of battleships, battlecruisers, cruisers, or Interceptors.
  2. I swear that every pilot who flies one has a Texan (not the smart sounding Bush accent either) or Indian (“My keyboard is broke.”, “Pleawese put in da Reastored CD und Reastart yur Compooter…” variety) accent.. and if I bring up the topic of “Why didn’t you bring the right ship?” I get innundated with lame reasons why their Bomber is just as good as whatever was requested in fleet.

You people make me want to pod you.. really.

However, that isn’t to say that the Stealth Bomber is a worthless ship.  No, the last Alliance Tournament definately showed that in some situations, a Stealth Bomber can play a critical role in success.  And while I have very little experience behind the wheel of the Minmatar Hound, the following is a great guide should you choose to make yourself familiar with them.