For much of my Eve career, I have really only made isk two ways: Level 4 Mission Running and 0.0 Ratting. Now, these are definately solid ways to earn isk, and are good for basic “What do I do if I can’t PVP for “x” reason, but I am still addicted to Eve” situations. And its a simple rule in Eve, for serious PVP, you need isk.

However, sometimes.. sometimes you wanna make BIG iskies. For example, one of our Directors just lost his Golem to what he termed as “his own stupidity”. Stupid stuff happens to everyone.. however, the next day here he had another Golem. Needless to say, I can’t afford a Vargur at this time, though I suppose it has to do with my constant desire to avoid belt ratting. Because of situations like this, I have put some effort into various ways to make iskies outside of the usual drag of Solo ratting.

– Planetary Interaction (Current Status: Good) – In theory I am making roughly 20 to 30mil a day from my 0.0 sites making POS fuel at low Jita prices. In reality however, I’ve only made 60 mil total thus far. I plan to do some expansion after I get some skills trained in Industrial ships. The plus side is that it only take about 15 to 20 minutes a day to do and I have managed to effectively organize my operations to one system.

– Signature Probing (Current Status: Fair) – I’ve gotten to what I would consider a good first haul. A skillbook, some T2 building materials, and some Invention materials. However, its clear I need to skill up more as well as get my Archeology, Gas Mining, Hacking, and Salvaging skills up in order for this to be reasonably profitable. This also requires that I get my industrial ship skills up so that I can run transports. Expected returns are still up in the air.

– IPOs (Current Status: Excellent) – Currently I have 3/4 of my available isk tied up into a reliable IPO with the Alliance. I do really like running IPO investments, but it can be a very risky venture.. and like gambling, you had better be ready to lose it all. Another problem is that in order to make alot of isk, you have to have a lot of isk in the first place.

– Trading (Current Status: Very Poor) – This was my fault as I didn’t do the necessary research before hand, so my small initial investment will take months before its paid back. In another month I will take a look at it again, but I imagine I will have to spend more time researching the markets.

– Mining (Current Status: Wut’s dat?) – Yeah.. not happening.

– Invention (Current Status: Non-Existant) – Aside from having a research Agent, really not doing much in this regard.

– Manufacturing (Current Status: Non-Existant) – Again, not my cup of tea.

– Scamming (Current Status: Non-existant) – Relieving smart people from their goodies is one thing, but from dumb or inexperienced people is not something I feel good about doing.

So, that’s about it at the moment and if there are any other interesting ways to make Isk, I’d like to hear about them, or I’ll let ya know if I find something out too.