Most of us gamers have done this:  You’ve blown an entire weekend, living on pizza and Mountain Dew or beer (for those of the age), playing a particular video game.  I suppose it could be considered alot like camping, or hunting, etc.. besides the fact that we don’t get anything tangible except a really good time.

.. course, we still brag about it.

However, there comes a point where you blow too many weekends, where whole seasons come and go and you barely notice it outside the fact that everything around the house is looks dirtier than before, and the pets look thinner.  You’re sleep patterns went from 8 to 9 hours of sleep to 3 to 4.  And food, well, you don’t cook because it takes you away from the game for too long.

I am not at that point yet.. but I am getting uncomfortably close.

So, I am taking a serious break from Eve.. which at this time means physically disconnecting my PC and giving to a friend for a month or so, while I actually spend my time learning Russian, playing guitar, visiting friends, having actual social interaction (in other words, developing more useful habits).  I will still read up about various Eve activities, and I’ll probably be allowed to stay in M3 (this isn’t the first time I’ve had to take a break, but it will probably be the longest).  I will also blog from time to time, linking various blogs that I think deserve some consideration, so I won’t be out of the loop.. just out of the game.