Yes, my character has 50mil SP!!  As of last night, my character reached 50 million SP, and looking back it certainly didn’t feel as long as it did.  I still remember the 12mil SP milestone because for Minmatar that was the minimum you seriously needed to be effective in all three battleships.  The rest, well, was just a nice frosting.

So, this is a good time to review my character, and see where I should make improvements when I return from my Hiatus..

Corporation Management (1,085,034 SP) – Status: Acceptable.  I am not really that much of a leader.  I just follow and anticipate fairly good.  So, all I needed is the POS Gunnery aspect.. which is right where I and the corporation like it to be.

Drones (2,419,723 SP) – Status: Needs Work.  Of all the skillsets, I will admit that I dislike training drones the most, despite how effective and useful they are.  Plus, aside from the Typhoon and the Capital class ships, Minmatar ships don’t have all that much drone space, so generally you are better with the smaller and faster drones.  So, no Ogre IIs here yet, and considering that I do have the possibility of flying carriers, I definately need to force myself to train these… later.

Electronics (3,152,857 SP) – Status: Acceptable.  My current skillset in Electronics is good for Minmatar and Caldari ships and those specialized ships in their relevant races.  However, if I plan to expand into other Recons as well as become a serious Black Ops pilot, then I will need to spend more time here.

Engineering (5,352,387 SP) – Status: Superior.  Although some of the skills here could be improved, my engineering skillset is quite strong, giving me a better than average defense and maximum capacitor and powergrid control.

Gunnery (11,450,404 SP) – Status: Superior.  Aside from specialization skills being at IV, as well as trajectory analysis, I have maxed out my Minmatar Gunnery skills and have gotten most of Amarr, and a smiggin of Hybrids as well.

Industry (69,558 SP) – Status: Non-existant.  I played around a bit with invention as well as manufacturing my own ammo.  I still kinda wonder what it might have been like had I chosen to go down this path.  Aw well, shooting stuffs is much more funz!

Leadership (743, 598 SP) – Status: Needs work.  Considering that I can fly two races command ships, one would think I would have been wise enough to skill at least some of these up more.  Nope..  It’s even more ironic because of how important I view being a team player.

Learning (1,900,096 SP) – Status: Acceptable.  Again, my charisma skills are lacking, but everything else is IV or higher.

Mechanic (1,627,000 SP) – Status: Acceptable.  All critical skills are level V, all compensation skills are at least IV.  Rigging skills though I should work on down the road.

Missile Launcher Operation (2,151,280 SP) – Status: Needs Work.  This has always been another tough one.. right along with Drones.  Sure, they are useful.. but they aren’t CRITICALLY useful until you get into the Typhoon, or Naglfar, or Huginn, or Hound, or Loki… or even the Bellicose and Breacher..  And just when I think I should train them.. something that is more shiny catches my eye.  Go figure.

Navigation (3,616,393 SP) – Status: Acceptable (sort of).  This is one of those skills that, as a Minmatar pilot, I sort of feel embarrassed about.  Are they good?  Absolutely.  But are they MINMATAR good.  Well, no.  Some of those skills I should have at level V, just to keep my honor as a Minmatar pilot.  oh, the shame.. the shame.

Planetary Interaction (620,057 SP) – Status: Acceptable.  Yeah, it makes me an easy 7 to 8 mil a day, however, its just a so-so proposition now and I’m not so sure it will ever improve even if I put more skills into it.

Science (1,602,563 SP) – Status: Acceptable.  It still needs work, but the skills that are critical are at level V, the skills are useful are at level IV.

Social (377,634 SP) – Status: Acceptable.  Since I don’t run missions any more, the social skills aren’t all that useful as a PVP player.  Supposedly, there might be some use for Criminal Connections out here in the 0.0 environ, but I have yet to figure that out.

Starship Command (13,620,324 SP) – Status: Superior.  Outside of the Supercaps, there isn’t a Minmatar that I cannot fly, and I can fly most Amarr ships as well.  If all goes according to plan, when I return I will have both Recon V and Logistics V as well.

Strategic Cruiser Skills (226,775 SP) – Status: Superior.  While not Elite, I now have strong Loki skills.

Trade (31,322 SP) – Status: Acceptable.  While most PVP players out there would pass this by, I think its good to have this skillset setup some, especially if you plan on selling Meta 3 and Meta 4 modules.  If you don’t, you might be at the mercy of buyers who only want to pay pennies on the dollar for your hard earned loot.  A solid Trade skillset can be had in just a couple days.

So, onto other things.  How was my first day of my Hiatus?  So far.. pretty good.  I went to bed on time and got in some guitar practice.  I was able to do some studying as well (while watching the rest of Dune, and most of Rundown).  But, the first day is always the easiest.