It has come to be day Three of my hiatus from Eve.. and my own personal computer.

Spent a good amount of time the last couple days catching up on things, like house cleaning (ooo.. the floor CAN shine!), laundry (so THAT’s what fresh mountain air smells like..), movie watching (new Starbuck is HAWT!!.. and lesbian.. awww.. ), and the gym (some participants there clearly work their chests alot.. and smell alot like flowers.  I believe I may have found the near mythical “female” of my species).

I haven’t had much time to devote to Russian yet, but that will come as I will have plenty of time this weekend (Labor Day weekend in the United States) to get myself back on a working (and habitual) schedule, and I probably be able to get into a study group on Mondays, so that will be sweet.

Still catching up on the local Eve politics.. and as usual, whenever I take a break, cool and exciting things happen.  Atlas breaking up, Pandemic Legion showing off its usual strategic skill, the Northern Coalition fighting the Russians.. the Russian fighting back, etc.  The new channel is definately impressive so far.  Haven’t heard many complaints about the quality of the news.  Kinda makes me wonder if we’re seeing the start of Eve Tribune being relegated to “Newsweek” or “Time” status.