Day Eight –

Feels like I should get some sort of medal.  Eight days without my own computer.  Quite a feat considering this was during Labor Day weekend in the United States.  Fifty-two days left to go…

Saw all my episodes of Battlestar Galactica, Serenity, and parts of Brisco County, Jr.  as well as some movies.  Also managed to get off my duff and try some local resturants and hit the gym more times this week than I have in the last couple months.  My travelling car is clean too.

However, there have been sad moments too.  Like going through game after game of *shivers* phone-based Monopoly.  Or driving from one end of the town I live in to the other end just to get things off my mind.  Or texting acquaintances (not friends) to see how they are doing. 

Well, at least I don’t have visions of spinning ships anymore while I sleep..