Mynxee, the much beloved CSM delegate for CSM 5, has made it her personal quest to improve low-sec which, by most accounts, is along way from being useful.  Here is her blog discussing this issue:

Now myself, I view Low-sec is that it essentially space that the major factions haven’t become strong enough to manage effectively, but have essentially said, “These are ours”.  Due to the limits of their finances, they must be able to rely on others to help enforce security, but are also limited to what they can do.  I also see the opportunty to fix a couple “occupations” that should always have a place in any space MMO so I figure the two can be joined to improve things.  Some, or even all, might have already been thought of, but since I haven’t seen them.. well, tough, these are what I think would work to improving low-sec life.

Low-sec Changes – Number one:  Bounty Hunting

Bounty Hunting Changes:

  1. Bounty Hunting Offices moved into low-sec, major faction stations only.
  2. Bounty Hunter NPC missions (again, only available in low-sec).  These require probing skills to find the NPC in the specific system (though only the mission taker will be able to find the signature).  Typically the missions will be relatively medium risk with a good payout at the expense of some safety and time.
  • Level One – In system.  Bounty Payout: 500,000 (Target will be in cruiser class ship)
  • Level Two – In system.  Bounty Payout: 1,000,000 (Target will be in battlecruiser class ship)
  • Level Three – Within two-three jumps (only low-sec).  Bounty Payout: 2,000,000 (Target will be in lower skilled Battleship)
  • Level Four – Within five jumps (only low-sec).  Bounty Payout: 4,000,000 (Target will be in higher skilled battleship)

The missions will be just like normal missions, though the named target will have a slightly higher chance of dropping faction loot.  The mission NPCs will have typical bounties and Concord bounties will still be given per rat and can be increased as per Social skills.

  1. Bounties for Players will be standardized, with a maximum of four bounties on any particular player.  Bounties will only have a shelf life of one month.  If a bounty hunter takes out a contract, he automatically assumes all the bounties for that contract.  At the end of one month, if the contract has not been completed, the person taking out the contract will be refunded half of the fee.  If the Bounty Hunter lets the contact expire without either finishing the contract, or going back to the station and relinquishing the contract, then the Bounty Hunter will not be able to do any (NPC or Player) bounty missions for a period of one month.
  2. Bounty Fees are as follows:
  • For a one million isk bounty – a two million isk fee must be paid.
  • For a ten million isk bounty – a twenty million isk fee must be paid.
  • For a fifty million isk bounty – a hundred million isk fee must be paid.
  • For a hundred million isk bounty – a two hundred million isk fee must be paid.
  1. Pilots in the same alliance will not be able to place bounties on other pilots within their alliance.
  2. Pilots in NPC corps will not be able to place bounties on any other player.
  3. Bounties can only be collected by the Bounty Hunter with the contract.
  4. The bounty can be collected if the Bounty Hunter destroys the target’s ship.  The FULL fee can be collected if he gets the pod.
  5. When a bounty is placed on a player, an e-mail is sent to that player informing him who placed the bounty and how much the bounty is.
  6. Low-sec stations or gates will not fire upon a bounty hunter and his prey.  Any assistance from any other pilot will be deemed as aggression by the gates/stations and they will be fired upon.  High-sec, however, shall remain under the current rules.

Expected Benefit:  Fixing a broken and rather pointless bounty hunting system.  Making Bounty Hunting an actually useful occupation that requires significant interaction in low-sec.

Low-sec Changes – Number Two:  Smuggling

Smuggling Changes:

New Smuggling Agents will be made available in all stations near or in low-sec systems, as well as faction 0.0 stations.  These will give a 30% Combat/40% Delivery/30% Extraction range for missions.  Level one and level two missions will only be available in low-sec stations.

  • Extraction missions will be similar in style to the “Damsel in Distress” mission, except that you will not be allowed to kill over a certain percentage of the enemy patrols, while either delivering or removing the intended item.  Payment will be 20x typical Level  payout (for a level 4 Extraction mission, the payout would be 20x the payout for a level 4 combat mission), however, every NPC patrol that is destroyed will reduce the payment significantly (i.e by 2-5% per NPC until mission failure).
  • Delivery missions will require that you take an NPC illegal item and deliver it to a high-sec station nearby without being detected by the gate/station patrols.  Getting caught to many times will cause mission failure.  Payout will also be 20x typical payout for the level.
  • Level One mission – Mission failure after four full “scans”
  • Level Two mission – Mission failure after three full “scans”
  • Level Three mission – Mission failure after two full “scans”
  • Level Four mission – Mission failure after one full “scan”
  1. Jump gates (probe-able only) will be lightly seeded in some low-sec and high-sec systems.  These gates are not patrolled by Concord/Faction NPCs.  They can only be useable by a pilot with Criminal Connections 5, Electronics 5, Science 5, Navigation 5, Trade 5, and High Speed Maneuvering V.  The pilot must also NOT be in a fleet and the ship must be carrying a small amount of liquid ozone to use the jump gate.  These jump gates are considered dilapidated and dangerous, so only the most skilled will be able to transverse them safely, so only one ship at a time can use them.  They also must be difficult to find so probing skills must be excellent as well.
  2. NPC Patrols scanning times will be adjusted to make it somewhat easier, and not be able to give an instantaneous scan of everyone at the gate.  Second, only frigate class ships will be able to scan ship’s cargo, and are limited to scanning one ship at a time while a scan takes several seconds to complete.
  3. Some faction stations will produce some items illegal in other Faction’s space (i.e. Minmatar Freedom Fighters would be highly illegal in deep Amarr Space) and only available from the FP store.  Such items, while difficult to move, can turn around a high level of isk when successfully sold at the target High-sec station (of which, there may be only two or three in a region).


Expected Benefit:  Increased viability of the Smuggler occupation.  Diversity / Challenge of missions would draw a select few.

Low-sec Changes – Number Three:  Mining

Mining Changes:

  1.  Remove the ability to mine Isogen from High-sec, allowing it only to be mined in low-sec systems, but in abundance.


Low-sec Changes – Number Four:  Gate adjustment

Gate Changes:

  1.  Cause gates to not allow ships through if they belong to a Fleet with more than five members.  Both High-sec and Low-sec gates will have this limitation.  0.0 gates will continue to have no limitations.  A fleet still can of whatever size inside the system itself, but when crossing systems, only fleets of 5 or less can move through.  This would reduce “blob” tactics, while increasing activity in those systems.

Low-sec Changes – Number Five:  Stations

Station Changes:

  1. Make stations purchase-able, with large rental fees.  These stations can only be purchased by alliances, and an alliance can only have one low-sec station in Eve.  With the purchase of the station, an alliance will have the ability to reduce reprocessing taxes as well as be able to remove access to -10 enemies (anything more than -10, the station will allow to dock and function business normally).  These stations could also be upgrade with members/friends only options like cloning facilities or repairs if said station did not have those previously.  They will also have the ability to manage office space in those stations.

Well, feel free to criticize my ideas (though I think I kiped the Station idea from someone else), who knows.. some of these might actually work.