Some days.. fortune just smiles on you.

Last night I had just logged in to maybe do an anom or two in my new Vargur.  I had just finished working out and I was exhausted.  I wasn’t even looking forward to logging on, but I figured what the hey.. it was either this or vacuuming.

Imagine my surprise when I log in and there is a CTA for every hand on deck.. they have supercaps tackled.  Normally, my gut reaction is to moan a bit and wonder if perhaps its a crazy lone pilot who tackled a supercarrier 30+ jumps deep, in Russian space, and he just figured out his alt in a Stealth Bomber can’t kill it.  I think every major alliance has at least a dozen of those guys.

However, it was a call from one of our M3 guys, and the FC was one I worked with before.  I also saw that a couple other m3 buddies of mine were scrambling trying to get ships down there, while Alliance was begging for high DPS ships.  Well, that told me it was time to get my tail moving, and moved I did.  I grabbed the best ship I could field from that station, a Vagabond named “Litigation” and drove like a bat out of hell toward LXQ.  Along the way I had to pick up a ton of whatever generic ammo they might have.. Phased Plasma M.. and cursed myself for the delay.

Reports trickle in about neutrals trying to set up a gate camp.  This didn’t really happen as now you have a flood of ships all wanting on a supercap kill and unless its a serious sized neutrals you aren’t going to stop that many bloodthirsty pilots.  I burn through to LXQ with no problem.  I get on grid and the glory is there to behold.  Not just one, but multiple supercaps on the field.  As soon as I land, orders go out to take out a Nidhoggur.. and I drive towards it from 40km away, firing my 220mms, just hoping to get on the KM.  The poor carrier just melts to the onslaught.  Our forces are focusing fire on a Nyx that is driving hard to get out of the bubbles and we are constantly changing from attacking the Nyx to attacking Fighter bombers.  However, its pilot manages to slide away.

We then focused our fire on the Avatar, despite there being still a few more Supercarriers still trapped in bubbles.  Its pilot has recently logged off, and every ship in the fleet was pouring all of its DPS into it.  Time ticked by, and every once in a while some foolhardy xXDeathXx pilot would land in the bubble and be vaporized for his trouble.  An Aeon attempted to help out by moving close to the Avatar and Smartbombing for all it was worth.  But we were undeterred.  We were counting off the minutes.. and then.. it was still there.  We figured that maybe he logged in and we didn’t know it, or something.  Either way, we kept pounding the Titan.. looking as it slowly faded into structure.  We overheated our guns pressing the attack.. and was done.

The Titan had died and there were celebrations all around.  As usual some theft took place of the modules.. but it was loot logged so we’ll see what happens with that.  All of the other capitals, including the Aeon, had successfully left the field so we all drove ourselves home… and for myself.. it was nice to finally get a Titan kill.

In the end, it was three factors that really made this work in my opinion.  First, Br1ck Squad and their usual combat prowess had made the initial hero tackles on the Supercaps.  Second, Legion of xXDeathXx underestimating Br1ck Squad and the nearby NC forces.. the battle indicates only about ten support ships for the supercapitals.  Third, was the ability of NC to rapidly deploy a large number of ships to the vicinity.

Rage Killboard:

Br1ck Squad:

Legion of xXDeathXx:

Kirith’s Report:

The Legion of xXDeathXx comment that their Titan will be reimbursed.  If that does happen.. I will be down CCPs throat so fast even the CSM will be “WTF?”  I was in Provi during the fiasco at D-G, where major CCP game and procedure mechanics failed and over a hundred capital ships were destroyed because of it and none of those got reimbursed.  So, we’ll just have to see how CCP plays this out.