Alright, of all the things that I like about modern MMOs.. is the ability for players to create some pretty wicked Music Videos based on the games they play.  Now, as much as I despise World of Warcraft.. you gotta admit they were right on for allowing alot of creativity to blossom in respects to giving locations and animations that lent itself to some very impressive AMVs.  I listen to quite a few off and on again when I wanna get into the PVP mode because some are so well thought out that they can’t help but be inspiring.  Blizzard gave their players simple, but effective tools to give them the ability to produce a wide variety of videos.

Now.. lets get back to Eve.

I’ve seen a couple, shoot we’ve seen the epic “Clear Skies” and “Clear Skies 2”, along with rumors of a “Clear Skies 3” coming soon ™.  There are quite a few newer things out like “Future Proof” as well.. but, the tools for some of these creations.. well, they require a lot of time, a fair bit of money (legally anyways), in addition to large amount of creativity.  Just thinking about putting something like together probably has stopped a good number of ideas from ever reaching the eyes of you and me.

So, what do you think?  What would it take to make Eve more.. artist friendly?  Or are the tools out there.. just the perception of their use and time and expense causing the lack of some seriously heady stuff?

And on top of that.. you all got some links to some real good Eve Online music videos?  Inspiring stuff, ya know?

Edit:  Found a Minmatar one –