“Providence” – noun – def: foresight

I suppose it was inevitable.

And.. I really should have predicted this too.

Especially considering how aggressive and upset I was toward them.

But you are now looking at the newest member of, that’s right, CVA.  My corp, m3 Corp, just joined CVA as of today.  We’ve been operating in the area for a week now:

m3 Killboard: http://www.darthninjabadger.com/m3CorpKills/

We’re still moving assets into the area, so we don’t expect our numbers to improve for another week or so.  Though, we are starting to mess around with some new tactics:

http://www.darthninjabadger.com/m3CorpKills/?a=kill_related&kll_id=17105 (it may not look like much, but we had to avoid three seperate red gangs as well as the response fleet to get the kills.  But how we did it was pretty sweet.. and netted us some very sweet, salty carebear tears… for no losses.  Lots of smack from Chaos Theory too.. even from a former m3 pilot.. though, he only lasted a month in our corp.)

I’ll be honest, it’s good to be back.  CVA has certainly changed and has gotten a lot leaner and has much more fight in them now.  The CVA legends of Balinn and Ramquai are back and we have gotten to know some of the new faces that are allied with CVA too.

The funny thing is, originally when we decided to leave R.A.G.E (for multiple reasons, both internal to corporation and with the alliance as well), our CEO just kinda threw it out there as sort of a joke.  But, the more we all thought about it, the more we realized how often we said, and were still saying, “Remember when we were in Provi..” or “Remember in Paxton when…”  True, there was some pretty heady drama going on, but for us, Providence is where m3 Corp really made a name for itself.  It was the place where we proved that how we operated and how we played were good choices.  In the end, though, it was the place where we had the most fun.

We were able to keep our leaving fairly quiet, mainly because drama like that tends never to be beneficial, but once it was known after we left, we received quite a number of offers to join other NC alliances, as well as from quite a few others from around Eve.  To those alliances, I just want to personally thank you for thinking so highly of us.  We’ve worked hard to have a good reputation, and it is nice to be recognized.


For all you Providence squatters, well, let’s just say its nice to fight on our terms once again.  See you on the battlefield.