Yes, I am one of the four people on Eve Online that does not have the skills to fly the famous (or infamous – think of “Three Amigos”) Drake.  The final skill that I needed my current attribute set at will be complete in a week, and for the first time in a long while I feel the ability to go after what I want.. not so much what I need.

Now, I brought this thought up with my corpmates, and a good portion of them basically said, “Why?”, a few said, “WTF, WHY?!”, and one pretty much did his best to virtually brain me in noggin… over and over again.  Granted, Caldari isn’t well known for their PVP skills.  They tend to have ships that manage to not only have a complete lack of that fear-inspiring look, but to also actually inspire pure aestetic fear.  You really don’t want to look at a Caldari ship, lest you get an uncontrollable urge to finish a jigsaw puzzle. 

Admittedly, there are a few strong arguments against training Caldari.  A common one is that the weapon system is slow to hit.  That’s not a big deal at close ranges, but I have definately seen the issue for combat outside of 30km.  Another accurate argument is that Caldari ships have to trade tank for tackle, this limits the effectiveness of their frigate and cruiser class ships.  Still a third is how slow Caldari ships are.  This is true as many ships in their class tend to be the slowest around, with some smaller Caldari ships, like the Drake being almost as slow as a Typhoon or Tempest battleship.

However, despite those issues, it does make sense that I train Caldari ships next, and here is why:

  • Recon V – Yep, Recon V makes Recon ships a serious threat on the battlefield and none more potent than Falcons and Rooks.  Gallente Recons, which can only dampen a target instead of locking it out completely, and its secondary EW, warp scramblers and warp disruptors, which can be taken care of by Hictors and Dictors, easily makes training Caldari a logical choice.
  • Battlecruisers V – The Drake is legendary in Eve and as such is commonly used in Drake-Only fleets.  BC V would make my Drake a powerful ship on the field.. plus, I wouldn’t mind stepping away from flying the Scimitar all the time.
  • Command Ships V – The Nighthawk is a feared beast of resistances and the Vulture is a nice support ship to have in the aforementioned Drake fleets, with Shield Harmonizing being a devastating addition to any shield fleet.
  • Missile Skills – Currently I have average, even below average, missile skills.  However, unlike Hybrids or Lasers, missile skills directly help my Minmatar ship lineup.. including my Vagabond, Huginn, Hurricane, Cyclone, Typhoon, Tempest, Naglfar ships.. ones I commonly use.
  • E-war – Without a doubt ECM is still the most powerful E-war in the game.. and since I can fly Stealth Bombers and Covert Ops ships, those skills are already trained fairly well.

Now, I’m already well training in Amarr ships, particularly cruiser and battlecruiser classes.. but I do wonder if perhaps I am missing something in the Gallente lineup.  The Caldari HAC line up is certainly not the most thrilling line up there is, with the Eagle’s lack of good alpha damage and comparitively slow scan resolution and the Cerebrus hampered by the slow damage effect of missiles.  Neither Gallente or Caldari have the favored Logistics, though I think Caldari edge out Gallente in this regard.  But, if you all know of something that I have missed, feel free to comment.

Until next time, keep your guns loaded and your enemies running.