I’m sure most of you have seen it.  Or at least pondered it some.  And it is something that has bothered me ever since I started playing Eve.

The Sansha – A mix of Amarr and Caldari technology, with the Amarr side bringing in Laser and Armor technology, while the Caldari side bringing enhanced weapon configuration and damage.

The Guristas – A mix of Caldari and Gallente technology, with the Caldari bringing improved shield resistances to the table, while the Gallente brought improved drone specifications.

The Serpentis – A mix of Gallente and Minmatar technology, with Gallente bringing improvements to Hybrid weaponry and the Minmatar adding their knowledge of Stasis Webifiers to their ships. 

The Angels – Another mix of Gallente and Minmatar Technology, this time with both Minmatar and Gallente bringing improvements to the Projectile gunnery systems.

The Blood Raiders – A mix of Amarr and Minmatar Technology, with Minmatar again bringing their knowledge of Stasis Webifiers to the table, while Vamps and Neut technology is brought in by the Amarr side.

So..what’s missing?  Well, it seems odd that there isn’t a pirate faction that has mixed Gallente and Amarr technology or a pirate faction that has mixed Minmatar and Caldari technology.  Why are there TWO pirate factions that use Minmatar and Gallente?

Now, some of the mixes make sense, especially considering their lore.  The Blood Raiders, a faction bent on a religous fervor for blood, needs to have ships capable of capturing and holding their prey.  The Sansha, recently promoted by CCP in their Incursion expansion, also makes sense in that the Amarr carried with them powerful weapons, and the Caldari bring with them a willingness to sacrifice self in advancing a larger goal, something clearly in line with Sansha lore.  Their ship designs and what bonuses they get clearly enforce both the lore, and their goals.  Goals that are clear from the moment you finish reading their dossier. 

The rest of the ship building pirates.. well, not so much. 

Let’s start with the easy one first, The Guristas.  Now, their ship bonuses make sense, in that they are bonuses that could have reasonably come from the races they are combining.  However, the lore behind the pirates.. needs to be fleshed out.  True, the book, “The Burning Life”, did do some fleshing out.. but realistically, are you going to have an entire nation of people sick of the Caldari way of life whose only purpose is to stick it to Caldari State without any real plan or goal?  Are they going to try and liberate more Caldari nationals?

Now, the Angels.. again, how could the use of Gallente technology in tracking improve Projectile weapons.. which already have the best tracking in the game?  Or how can Gallente technology improve falloff, when Gallente Hybrid weapons technology is second best to Minmatar weapons?  Really, those improvements don’t make sense in any lore sort of way.  I sorta get the tracking bonus the Dramiel gets.. but there’s no way Gallente technology should be able to improve features like falloff.  It would actually be better to switch who credits the bonus because it makes more sense that the higher damaging Gallente could improve Projectile weapons damage.  And the reason why they exist?  Eh, nothing in particular.  No goals, no vision..

The Serpentis is the next one on my list.  These have a somewhat reasonable set of bonuses that make sense from a shared technology point of view.  Stasis Webifiers are a Minmatar breakthrough, and their skill in developing them would be unmatched.  Gallente Hybrid technology would certainly be a their side.. though it gets a bit iffy in that regard.  Improved tracking and falloff bonuses pulled from the Gallente side.. when its the Minmatar Projectile weapons that have the best tracking and falloff in the game?  Again, not likely.  The backstory of the Serpentis flows a little better I think than the Guristas and Angels, because all they want to do is manufacture and sell drugs and need to have an army/fleet to do that effectively.

So, why did I bring this all up.  A few reasons.

First, I think CCP could have done a bit better setting up the lore and backstory to fit Incursions.  The histor-fiction listed in the earlier Eve Chronicles lists the Sansha as a dying faction, slowly disappearing as Capsuleers slaughter the last of the True Slaves.  The book, “The Burning Life”, has us believe that Sansha has seen the error of his ways, and is merely taking the scraps of humanity as well as those looking for redemption from themselves.  However, the Incursion trailer and the subsequent Chronicles relating to the Sansha’s Nation shows them as a group alive, well, and driven to universal domination… including Sansha himself.  So, a few Chronicles detailing changes between then and now would have been nice to help flesh things out.

Second, it would be interesting to see if all the current pirate factions have an “Incursion” of sorts.  The Sansha Incrusion is reasonable considering their lore, but it would be interesting to see more direct pirate interactions.. interactions unique to the pirate factions’ style and their operations.  Like Guristas manipulating regional markets, increasing or decreasing prices at will.. a sort of Market PVE.

Third, there isn’t a lot of explanation regarding why the Amarr/Gallente or the Minmatar/Caldari pairing have been left out.  Considering that each of these nations border the other, it seems reasonable that some pirate operators would have found some use for these to combine.  The current situation unfairly favors those pilots who fly Minmatar and Gallente, giving them more ships that they can choose from.

Fourth, I really think it would be nice to have CCP start developping some more.. faction specific ships.  Why shouldn’t there be a Sisters of Eve logistics ship, or a Interbus hauler, or a Mordu’s Legion Frigate, or a Syndicate Blockade Runner.  By lore standards, some of these factions could have easily designed and built their own ships as well.

Anyways, I don’t have any impressive way to wrap this up.. but I just thought it would be interesting to flesh out things that appear to have been left by the wayside.