Look at this Eve Story:  http://www.eveonline.com/races/rayofmatar/?pp=background,stories

Now, I’m not a roleplayer per se.. but I honestly like some roleplaying elements to have an effect on the games I play.  I think it helps breathe life back into a game because it adds another dimension to the interactions that make MMOs unique among games.  I am hoping that Incarna, in all its glory, actually pulls CCP back to the roleplaying table.

Here’s what I think is missing in the “roleplaying” aspect of Eve Online in its current form:

  • Racism – Somehow for all the slavery, conflict, and general discord, the entire Eve universe ISN’T racist.  Even pirates are Politically Correct!
  • Nationalism – It doesn’t matter if you are a Minmatar trying to get Amarr faction or a Gallente trying to get Gallente faction, the rates and the paths are pretty much the same.  And certainly there is no dialog showing contempt.. no attempts to short you bounties you’ve rightfully earned, etc.  There are no benefits either outside of your initial faction that helps you gain faction and faction points faster.  Little things like no “official” tattoos (tattoos with meaning) for Minmatars, for example.
  • Smuggling – Right now, you can only “smuggle” illegal drugs.  Drugs which can only be found in select areas of 0.0 or relatively useless ones that you get on missions.  Don’t you think that smuggling slaves out of Minmatar space would be a rather likely scenario?  How about trying to smuggle out freed slaves?  Sure, there might be one or two missions based on that.. but in a universe like Eve, there has GOT to be a way of smuggling in and out more than just a few drugs.

One thing that the Minmatar Faction community can do about at least the tattoo portion of Roleplay is to assign a meaning to each, some good.. some bad and publish it on all of their faction sites.  It just might help CCP figure some roleplay out again.