So, I get back from my wonderful honeymoon with my lovely wife..

.. and come back to an Eve Online dustup that appears to be almost as colossal as NGE.

So far what I’ve read indicates some very bad PR coupled with some very hyper-reactive players.  CCP certainly shot themselves in the foot and CCP Zulu didn’t fair too well when directly contradicted another Dev Blog regarding ammo purchases as well as basically trying to justify why MT is so great and wonderful, and having an e-mail from the head of CCP leaked that basically gave the go ahead for everyone to run to their next favorite game for a while certainly didn’t help things.

But, to be fair, I’m kinda seeing a strange response from the player base.  Like a general, “No we don’t want to go to Pay2Play!  And don’t make it so expensive!”  After reading the e-mails, the responses, my thought is.. so, someone wants to pay $20 real life money for an in-game skirt?  A skirt that doesn’t do anything beneficial?  Really?  And you all are upset about this?  I suppose it could lead into worst things.  CCP isn’t known for their long-term thought processes at times.  Regarding Micro-Transactions, I’ve always wanted to know why they ever wanted to look at this, and the only response seemed to be, “Because other MMOs are doing it.”  In that respect, I think they need to put the accountants and the economic “expert” back into their corners where all they do is just report on what’s going on.. and not giving suggestions.  Accountants and Economists aren’t Game Designers, so CCP needs to stop treating them like they are.  Whenever they make a suggestion for a change, CCP should just smile and tell them to get back into their box lest they get beat with the latest copy of the Wall Street Journal.

That being said, I think the EMO raging needs to calm down a bit.  I love this game too.. but until $40 pixel skirts start making roids easier to mine, or Bellicoses fight like carriers then I say, “Let the fool and his money be soon parted.”