m3 Corp officially disbanded from FCon last week.  The reasons for this were many, though none were directly due to FCon.  m3 Corp has operated in 0.0 almost exclusively for roughly three years now, and have established ourselves as a high quality corp whose members can bring what is required.  m3 Corp has a proud tradition of working hard at improving our PVP skill and talents.

However, at the moment the majority of its membership is simply burnt out.  The three years of 0.0 operations have left many of us sick and tired of CTAs and of Sov battles.  Add to that the real life issues that many of us are dealing with, including marriages, moves, deployments, serious family medical issues and employment problems and the game slowly gets edged out.. especially when all the Eve we got to see was waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting for deployment orders that either never came, or lead to a defeat.  CCP also helped in this by rolling back the changes that Dominion made, which made 0.0 even less profitable than simple high-sec missioning for the average player and also by its steadfast refusal to deal with the proliferation of supercapital ships, most notably the supercarrier.

So, from this point on, m3 Corp has decided to operate as “Terrorists” of 0.0 and low-sec, though not as pirates.  The leadership has felt that operating in this manner will spur our membership to log back in again and roam like we did back in the days of Paxton and 1.0 Providence (sentimental sigh here).  We have already started to run smaller roams and begun re-learning the things that made us really enjoy the game.  Though, as expected, the lessons thus far have been rather painful.

I am personally looking forward to this change as it will give me more opportunities to try out new ships and new configurations.  It will be real nice to use ships other than the Maestrom for a change and to put into practice these words:  Keep your guns loaded and your enemies running.