From the May CSM Meeting: (Warning!  42 pages long!)

And I’ll have to admit with things like these:

CCP then brought up Supercaps, and the CSM were basically on the same page. Supercarrier changes were discussed, with everyone agreeing that a fighter- or bomber-only drone bay would be a welcomed change. The CSM agreed that Titans in their current state are fairly balanced, and that the focus should be placed on the Supercarrier. Soundwave and Greyscale noted that the coding involved in such a change would represent a large portion of resources that could otherwise be used for several smaller changes. Given the importance of SCs, the CSM suggested that it was well worth the resources to focus on this one thing and it seemed as though CCP agreed.

Brainstorming sessions took place about the role of other capital-class vessels, such as the dreadnaught. However, with a session about ship rebalance looming the conversation quickly died out with some interesting ideas for both parties to ponder.

– and –

No talk on effects can be complete without engine trails and the cyno effect – which the CSM promptly brought up. Arnar and Torfi both lamented the discontinuation of engine trails, but admitted they were removed from game-play because, at the time, they were too hardware intensive. Confirmation was given that engine trails are going to make a triumphant return, and along with all new effects the end-user will be able to toggle them on and off.

– and –

Conversation then took a bit of a tangent, and Arnar mentioned that local as we know it is going to change in a Winter expansion. The CSM was taken aback by this and let fly a torrent of questions about this new “no local”. Local, as it was explained, had to change because of changes to EVE’s infrastructure needed for future Incarna development. However, it would be replaced by a new, yet-to-be-designed intelligence gathering tool. Local would not simply just “turn off” and turn into delayed mode, such as in wormhole space. It is worth a repeat – local will NOT be simply turned off and/or turned into delayed mode. Arnar and Torfi both emphasized the importance of not feeling alone in space; they reasoned that the game has fifty thousand players and that it shouldn’t feel as though you’re alone. The CSM will be kept in the loop regarding this design when more is known.

Make me rather hopeful.  Turret changes have already been implimented and the new models look nice.  Not sure why they pushed them to the forefront, however, when they weren’t supposed to be out for a while yet.  It is clear that while the Sov system is what they want, how it currently is working isn’t so CCP does plan to do some changes and they want to do them soon.  POSes too will get some attention in the near future though the discussions appear to be a bit vague. 

Other interesting points were:

  • Time Dilation appears to be something the CCP is serious about and it seems that they want to impliment this feature soon.
  • CCP is dealing with the Botting problem, but it seems to be in an effort to “change” the behavior of the owner.  Right now there is a “Three Strikes” policy with a 14 day ban, then a 30-day ban, then a perma-ban.  Other ideas include disavowing “virtual systems” and “targeted resource collection failure” where whatever resource they mine either is degraded or eliminated.  CSM brought out an interesting graph which showed significant drops in RMT activity during Hulkaggedon and the Chinese New Year.  (Hmm… interesting….)
  • Planetary Interaction appears to be finished in its current form for the time being.
  • CCP Zulu agreed that having a game designer dedicated to ship balancing would be a good idea (and I believe CCP Tallest has now been integrated into that role)
  • Null-sec industrial issues, including the importing of good from High-sec trade hubs, was on the board for being worked on, and multiple ideas were discussed by CCP and the CSM (and quite a few of the ideas actually seemed rather reasonable).
  • CCP and CSM agreed that low-sec IS BROKEN!  (About friggin’ time…)  but there was no discussion on how to change that.
  • “V3 Process” is the process by which ships are getting an eye-pleasing upgrade (You all noticed the new Mauler model, right?)  Apparently from start to finish the process takes 5 to 7 weeks per ship.  The Raven appears to be the next ship to be revamped art wise.
  • Modular POSes and Stations hindered mostly by the Art Department’s work schedule.. but they are desirous to work on it.
  • THE REAL REASON WHY EVE ONLINE NEVER HAD MISSILE TURRET MODELS!  ZOMG!  – And no, we probably still won’t see them.
  • While Alliance logos are difficult to put on ships, Corp logos might be doable as Corp logos use in-game assets.
  • Supercarriers need to be rebalanced, but only after Electronic Attack Frigates and possible Black Ops (Because EAFs are what making the Coalitions dominate huge swaths of nullsec).

Overall, I am happy about the minutes and I am happy that CCP has its finger on much of what is going on.  I am disappointed with the “Meh” attitude it has toward low-sec, and I think that fixing Supercaps is far, far more important than finely tuning a ship that probably won’t get much use even if it is improved.

What are your thoughts?