Since the topic for this Winter’s expansion is Wishlists (despite the high probability that neither the CSM nor CCP even glance at my blog), here’s what I would like to see:

No. 1 – Capital ship changes.

  • Supercapitals need to have some sort of maintenance requirements (they are bigger than the largest POS towers in the game afterall).  If they are unable to provide those maintenance requirements, then they lose their functionality.
  • Supercarriers and Carriers need to have their flight bays should be Fighters-only for Carriers, and Fighter-bombers only for Supercarriers.
  • Supercarrier skills should be made on par with Titan skills.  Currently, if you can fly a carrier you pretty much can fly a supercarrier.
  • Fighters and Fighter-bombers need to be slightly nerfed in such a way that allows sub-cap ships to be more of a threat.
  • Dreads need to be a threat on a battlefield, and their siege mode should be awesome.. though not at the level of a Titan.

No. 2 – Nullsec Changes

  • Step away from the “more is better” requirement of Sov mechanics by adding a Political skillset, either as its own branch, or as a subbranch of corporate management.   
  • Population morale should be the main factor in determining if a system is available to invade. 
  • Moon mining will have a slowly building negative influence on the system’s population.
  • PI would have a slowly building negative influence on a planet’s morale after a certain level of command centers has been reached. 
  • Officers of an alliance would have to spend time to counteract this influence (which could be portrayed as a sort of “mini-game”).  However, if morale of one population planet goes below 50%, then the system will be put into a “contested state”, where the invading forces can start killing hubs and structures based on the current set of rules. 
  • Officers trying to improve planet morale will need to be in a planet’s orbit and uncloaked for them to run the “mini-game”. 
  • Conversely, if an enemy wants to invade a system, they have to send their own political officers (and using hacking skills), can either disrupt or send their own propoganda messages to influence negatively the population.
  • Enemy political officers will only be able to influence the population by 8% per day maximum, while the soverign holder’s political officers are able to influence to population by 15% per day maximum (based on skill).
  • All influence changes take effect after downtime.
  • While there will be indicators that a planet’s population is being influenced, those indicators can only be seen when in that planet’s orbit.  No notifications will be sent out until it gets below 30%.
  • Soverign holder ship losses will also negatively influence population morale.
  • Soverign holder kills will positively influence population morale, if they were either -10 or -5 to their high-sec security or to the alliance.

No. 3 – Mining Changes

  • Remove the ability to RMT it, by making mining into a mini-game.  Coincidentally.. this might even make it fun to do mining.

No. 4 – Black Ops buff

  • Give them a real use for dealing with Sov mechanics.  If the politics idea above doesn’t work, then give mini-missions that have to be ran in black ops before a system gets to be contested.
  • Black Ops to me means far more than “harrassment”.  In fact, Black Ops means to me the ability to accomplish specific goals, using surprise and tactical advantage for tangible effect.  Right now, all they are is expensive pirate ships.
  • Reduction in price of these battleships.  They should be more common so that they get used more effectively.  Price tag should be around 250mil isk for the hull.