Well gentle readers.. heh, who am I kidding.. you all play Eve.  Even the least of you makes the top WoW player look like a baby cookie.  Anyways, I am just letting you all know that TGN Stratics has made me the Managing Editor of the Eve Stratics site.  Located here: http://eve.stratics.com/.  The thing is, we are pretty low on staff, and I wouldn’t mind grabbing a few more people to help give life back into this.

Now, for those of you who might be interested, here is what I am planning to do with the site:

  • The whole goal of the site will be to get new and interested players into the deeper aspects of Eve, essentially bringing things like nullsec conflicts, CSM debates, ship fittings, overall Eve gaming.. and bring it to them in a form that they can easily digest it and maybe even see the awesomeness and fun that can be had.
  • I plan to do at least one CSM and two nullsec posts each month (more if exciting things happen).  The CSM posts will be focused on whatever popular discussion are currently being had.  The nullsec posts will essentially bring the wars to the new players so that they can understand why they are a big deal.. even if they never plan to go there.
  • Low-Sec Review will also be done, with at least one a month detailing some of the more popular residents of low-sec, be they industrialists or pirate.

So, if anyone is interested, please comment below or send me an e-mail at bu11fr0g@hotmail.com