As per this devblog:

So, what are my choices, and why did I divide it up this way?

  • BlackOps Improvements (No. 14) – 3 Points – Without a doubt, the Black Ops ships have been a bit of a disappointment.  Mainly because they are a cool toy with no real tangible use or benefit.  You can use them for pirating.. but, it’s way over complicated for the task.  I think part of the problem is that current SOV mechanics and gate mechanics make numbers superior to any tactical advantage (It’s way easier to hold a gate with 10 battleships, than it is to take it with any combination of 10 Black Ops ships).  Plus the Black OPs battleships really aren’t all that powerful.. they are even less powerful than the Tier 1 battleships they are based on.
  • Bounty Hunter Improvements (No. 17) – 3 Points – Talk about immersion.. You just gotta have a working bounty hunting system.  We’ve waited far too long for this.
  • Docking Games Fix (No. 34)3 Points – This should have been addressed ages ago.  It’s a mechanic that has been easily exploited far too often in this game.
  • Faction Warfare Development (No. 41)3 Points – I attempted to start up a low-sec discussion group soon after the start of CSM6, but the first aspect was figuring out what the actual problems were because there was a ton of speculation, but very little actual fact running around.  One of the issues was that FW was actually quite profitable for a pilot.. but it was pointless.  So what if you got a system, constellation, or region to change?  There were no benefits or real effect on the game.  Plus it FEELS incomplete, it ACTS incomplete, and it has so much potential that it just screams “FIX ME!”
  • Machinima support for Walking in Stations (No. 65) – 2 Points – No brainer here.
  • Wreck Outposts (No. 145) – 3 Points – Yeah, I can see this being a good thing.  Adds a little more appropriate risk to 0.0, and the war profitteers may not be so keen to buying up everything and raising prices if there might be a chance they won’t ever get it back (though I don’t think this topic directly addresses this issue).
  • Destroyer Improvements (No. 31)3 Points – While not as important as getting supercarriers back into balance, I can see this being an issue.

Alright, those are my issues and why.  However, the CSM needs your opinion too… get over there.