So, its been an interesting weekend.

M3 Corp’s attempt to be roaming terrorist in Syndicate space didn’t inspire the troops.  Our pilots were only doing marginally better than 50% on their operations, and people were still not inspired to go out and PVP.  Things were getting pretty bad especially when many of our XOs, Directors, and CEO were still dealing with real life issues.  Often you could find more M3 in World of Tanks than in Eve Online.

However, this may not have been a bad thing.  Many of us liked the instant PVP that you usually can’t get in Eve.. and more importantly, we got to enjoy ourselves again and get used to the command styles of everyone again.  Ah, to laugh, to have fun.. those are big things.

So, with this reality, M3 Corp has moved back to Providence once again as it truly appears the life of M3 Corp, CVA, and Providence are now permanently entwined.  Oh, we’re certainly not “of the Empress”, but we see things that we like in that area.

Like good kills:

This particular kill was an unexpected bonus, as the pilot had more than enough time to get away at multiple times. We scared him off of the gate, but instead of just waiting for us to agress to jump through to his buddies that were on their way (Btw, now they know the downside of having their space permanently bubbled). So, he bolted off of the gate to a planet and he must have figured his buddies were closer than they were because he let one of our guys MWD to him when he warped to far away.

Well, a Broadsword has a strong defense.. but against a small fleet of Vagas it doesn’t last long.

Our second hit was a pretty well set up Megathron:

I hero tackled him but foolishly I strayed into his 10km range, and got neuted, scramed, and webbed. He gave as much as he got and even with Scimitar support.. he got me:  The funny part is that we exploded at exactly the same time, the same second.  The unfunny part of it was.. I forgot to deploy my drones.  Had I deployed my drones, I would have survived that encounter.  Ah well, Kovorix played his cards the best he could, so “GF” to him for sure.  I clearly need more practice as I am too used to the “F1, F2, F3..” operations in major fleets.