Holy cow, I nearly fell out of my chair when I read their latest devblog: http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=944

After I read it, I was in shock and awe because they really, honestly, actually understood not just that they had issues.. but that the VERY FOUNDATION HAD TO BE REWORKED.  Oh, this.. this is big.  Very big.  And very long overdue.

However, better late than never, and CCP has definately made me feel all warm and fuzzy, especially with these particular comments:

  • Support multiple sizes and styles of organizations across multiple timezones
    • Nullsec features and content should actively support a landscape where organizations of all different sizes and structures/styles maintain a healthy presence
    • Nullsec features and content should avoid disadvantaging someone because of the timezone they happen to live in


Lessons learned

  • Shooting at stationary structures is boring
    • See: Starbase warfare, Dominion sov warfare. Even the good fights that do happen around such objectives could be improved by having better objectives.
    • Shooting at things with hitpoints scales very efficiently with fleet size, which encourages lag-producing behavior
  • Having to spend significant amounts of effort defeating an enemy which isn’t even fighting back is really boring
    • See: Starbase warfare, Dominion sov warfare. See in particular how long it took to clear IT Alliance’s ownership out of Delve, as a recent example
  • Waking up every morning and having to clean up the mess made while you were asleep is boring
    • See: station ping-pong pre-sov, repairing station services. Having to do something tedious every day before you can actually play the game is not cool
  • Doing something just “because it would be cool/neat/awesome” is always a bad idea and will come back to bite you later
    • See: Jump bridges, cyno jammers, Sov 4, AoE doomsdays, titans in general, supercarrier boost… Note that we should still obviously strive to make everything cool/neat/awesome, but when we start off with an awesome idea rather than an actual problem we want to fix or a feature that has a clear, functional and necessary goal, it generally requires painful fixes further down the road
  • Cost is a useful variable to tune but an unwise thing to rely on to enforce scarcity or balance – players will always be richer than you think
    • See: outposts, titans, supercarriers
  • Making something tedious will not stop players doing it if it’s very clearly the best option. They’ll do it, and they’ll hate it
    • See: everything involving starbases. As a counterpoint though, things like the one-per-corp-per-system-per-day starbase rule demonstrate that if something doesn’t make a big difference but is sufficiently awkward to do, then any theoretical “exploit” scenarios tend to fall out of favor quickly as they’re just not worth the effort.
  • People like to do one-stop shopping, and will “go to Jita” for everything unless doing so is comparatively very inconvenient
    • See: moon mineral distribution, high-strength booster resource distribution, neither of which achieved much in the way of the nullsec-to-nullsec trade that they hoped to encourage

If I lived in Iceland, I would have driven over, knocked on their door, and give everyone a big hug.  This is EXACTLY what CCP needs to do.

I am SO excited.

Jester’s Trek also saw the devblog, and I have to agree to all that he mentioned as well.