Every so often, I am put in a position where I am just not sure what I should train next.  Do I train more passive income skills?  How about active income skills?  What about support skills?  Maybe new ship skills instead?

Here’s my dilemma.  Right now, M3 Corp is operating in Providence, doing the small gang thing when we get around to it.  It’s not much but we were able to secure some small benefits there while still having fun.  We do have to dance around the elephants in the room, -A- and friends as well as White Noise and their buddies.. but all in all, they both seem pretty content to leave CVA alone.. kinda like how you try to ignore your annoying little brother while you are making out with the prom queen.  Such a situation means we aren’t doing Capital ops any time soon.  I will soon be operating my isk making operations out of there, but I know I won’t be able to make them the center form of isk either.  So do I…?

– Work on my Drone skills?  All my critical drone skills are at IV, but I don’t have the ability to use Tech 2 Heavy Drones.  Not sure if this is a big deal as I very rarely use a ship that needs these.  Kind of a tough sell to spend 20+ days training.  Sentry Drones are at II.  However, this may change if I choose one of the paths below also.

– Work on my Passive Isk skills? I have one R&D agent grinding me Minmatar Starship cores.  I am tempted to skill up my lab and social skills to get more R&D agents and more LP per day.  I could probably get this improved greatly by the end of a month.  It’s a bonus, but not a central form of isk either.  This would also include social skills that could use a boost.

– Work on my Active Isk skills?  Well, signature scouting is pretty decent with all skills but Astrometic Pinpointing at IV or greater (AP is at III).  I have raised my Negotiation skill to IV, and am tempted to go to V, since missioning will still be a big isk income driver.  Also, this would mean I need to improve Security Connections to V as well.

– Missile Throwers unite?  I have all my small to medium missile skills up to V, with the exception of HAMs, and all my missile support skills are at IV.  I can fly all the T2 Caldari Cruisers and also the Battlecruisers.. and I would like to see more effective Cyclone, Sacriledge, and Huginn fits to boot.  Not sure if Tech 2 missile launchers would really give me any real world improvement over Meta 4s.

– T2 Frigate goodness? I have skipped trying to get Amarr, Caldari, or even Gallente T2 frigates because Minmatar Tech 2 frigates are either exceptional, or at the very least, good enough.  Maybe I should look into that?

– Gallente becoming the new FOTM?  Perhaps I should get ahead of a possible boost to Gallente that I keep hearing from the shadows (note:  These shadows also though Ashley Simpson was a good singer).  Nevertheless, Gallente do have a pretty solid collection of bruisers and a boost to Hybrids would make them the next FOTM.

– Amarr Victor?  While I do have T2 Cruisers in the Amarr lineup, being in Providence and having fought with Hellcat fleets, it might be a good idea to finish up Amarr Large Lasers to specialization and also getting Amarr Battleship to V as well.

Well, what do you think?  Leave your comments below as well as your reasoning too.