The audio segment registered the spinning barrels of the 220mm autocannons.  The digitized reports of firing projectiles are muffled and filtered as he watches the string of tracer rounds impact against  the small asteroid.

“Whhhhrrrrrrr.. chuunk! chunk, chunk!  Wreeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake!  The autoloader failed again!”  Orakkus sighed as he continued to hear screams of protest and disagreement between the Chief Engineer Tzarsa and the Chief Gunner Humphrey.  Still, they were creative.  Several of the names they called each other would have turned a Gallente whore a few shades of red.  The exchange would continue on for a while since they weren’t in a hurry, so Orakkus turned off the audio.  The corporate interweb showed no war-decs and their foray into null and low security space was going as planned.  In fact, once the problem with the Autocannons was figured out, this ship would be disembarking for the Providence region, along with the rest of his corporation.

The mute button shut itself off.  “Um, sir.  We found the problem.  The AC should work properly now.”  A smirk crossed Orakkus’ face.  He could tell on the viewscreen that both were pretty sheepish, so the problem must have been an easy fix AND something they both should have figured out already.  “Just give us a few to reload the magazine.”

“I see.  Well, I expect a detailed report of what caused the failure when we dock up.”  The vidcomm flickered off.  Orakkus then walked into the capsule chamber, showing his exposed back to the capsule’s monitoring system.  He had opted to refit his ships with one of the new capsule docking units in the bridge.  It required a bit more isk to make it happen, but the ability to walk around and meet the crew while in flight improved morale.

There was a quick sharp, then dull pain as the connectors attached to him body in rapid succession.  “Capsule goo” began filling up the pod while ship telemetry filled Orakkus’ mind with images and information from both outside and inside the ship.  In a fraction of a second, all the systems had been syncronized with his mind and would perform as optimally as Orakkus could control them.  It was time to test out the Autocannons again.

“Whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…”  Tracers flew and small bursts of red appeared on the asteroid as rounds of depleated uranium cooked off the moment they hit.  Orakkus’ reset the gun systems to work in conjunction with each other, then shot off a few more rounds.  The autocannons quickly pulverized the remains of the asteroid.  With the successful test Orakkus’ ship, a Vagabond Class cruiser named “Holy Fang”, aligned itself to a nearby jump gate and warped off.  The weapon testing, however, had not been done away from watchful eyes..

A motley finger pressed a button on the darkened console.  A small vidscreen came to life, the words “Connecting…” pulsating on the screen.  It didn’t take long before the siloutette of a hooded figure appeared on the screen.

“Report, Pilot.”

“My Lord.  The target has moved away from the belt and appears to be leaving system.”  The low hum of the engaged cloaking device was in the background.  “There appeared to be something wrong with one of the Autocannon turrets and they stopped here to repair and test it.”

“Were you able to determine the outcome of the testing?”

“Yes sir.  Calculations from the sensors indicate that the weapons were within one to two percent of theoretical maximum destructive capability.  General ship performance falls within typical Elite status.  Reviewing his record in the Vagabond class ship, however, shows that he is still working on getting it down.  To be honest sir, he tries to fly his ships like they were Gallente.”

The dark figure let out a sigh.  “So, he’s probably not who we are looking for then..”

“My Lord, I wouldn’t say that yet.  He has an unusual proficiency with other classes of Minmatar ships, like the Huginn and Wolf.  He is also good with Amarr and Caldari class Tech 2 cruisers.  Plus, he has one advantage over the rest of our prospects…”

An intrigued voice came over the comms, “Really?”

“Yes, my Lord.  I was able to gain access into his personal files with the Minmatar beauracracy.  Let me forward what I found to you.”  The pilot’s gloved hand made a few movements on a nearby touchscreen, before a quiet computer voice mentioned, “Files Transferred.”  The pilot waited for his superior’s response.

A dark, almost inaudible, laugh was heard through the comm system.  “Yes, he will do perfectly….”