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Here is the latest devblog from CCP Greyscale: http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=946

Along with this image:

This image will likely come back to haunt CCP’s Team BFF because from now on, every expansion (even if it has nothing to do with nullsec) will be contrasted to this right here.

Now, if you were looking for a detailed plan.. this isn’t it.  So, that was a bit disappointing, but not unexpected.  It’s more like the next level of zoom on the overhead map.  You see more features, you have a better idea of some things, but it really doesn’t give you the overhead shot of your neighbor’s pool that you want.  Some of the nice aspects are what factors they are considering when they do start to make changes.. and that can help the community and the CSM understand why they did something.

Unfortunately, this is where the interaction with the community (outside of the CSM) is probably going to break down.  Plenty of people are going to nitpick each of the own favorite issue, and granted some of those ideas from the community will be awesome.  Others will just be cannon fodder and take up valuable time and space.

There was quite a bit of interesting thoughts though mentioned by CCP Greyscale and the entire blog is certainly worth reading.  Here are a few points I really thought were cool:


  • Motivational
    • Mining should be something that you do because you know you’re achieving something, not just because it makes you money – the minerals created should be contributing towards larger goals.

Industry (and the low-sec guys should be happy about this plan too):

  • Geared towards T2
    • Our current proposal is that hisec is for volume T1 goods, lowsec will be for meta/faction gear eventually, nullsec is for T2, and wormholes are for T3


  • Dynamic and challenging
    • Even more so than other PvE, exploration content should provide a new experience every time, and should offer up all kinds of challenge (thinking as well as shooting). “Exploration” is meant to evoke ideas of freshness, unexpected events and the danger of the unknown.

PVP Nullsec:

  • At a strategic level, NPC nullsec should provide a safer base of operations than the rest of nullsec. It should not make you feel hugely safer while in space, but sacrificing control and the ability to invest as deeply should buy you some measure of stability.

Large Scale Combat (100+ ships)

  • Value for all
    • Everyone involved in this sort of fight should feel like they’re glad they took the time and effort to get involved, and that it left them feeling satisfied. People should not be sitting at a starbase for three hours, warping into a fight and getting instapopped before they’ve really done anything. Winning and losing should matter, but taking part should be valuable too.

Territory and Conquest (The Sov bit):

  • Diseconomies of scale
    • Being big should bring drawbacks as well as benefits, and getting big should be a lifestyle choice or a chosen specialization, rather than a necessity. Some sorts of operations should benefit a little more than others from being larger, but it should not be the case that being big is a straight-up advantage. You get diminishing returns in terms of social value above a certain point, and anecdotally trying to grow quickly to remain competitive is a leading cause of corps and alliances failing.
  • Vulnerabilities
    • Every organization’s specific circumstances and setup should have its own distinct set of vulnerabilities, and they should always exist. It should be possible with effort to mask them, but a diligent foe should be able to discover and exploit them. An organizational playstyle with no serious vulnerabilities is a broken playstyle.
  • Emergent “terrain”
    • The “playing field” of territory and conquest should be shaped by players. Further, each adjustment they make should have consequences to other nearby areas, and those consequences might not always be intended, and when multiple adjustments begin to overlap in space they should interact in interesting ways. Every location should have a different character based on the unique combination of natural features and player-made alterations that surround it. This helps make every fight and every campaign different and interesting.

Intel (yes, they actually made this a category..):

  • Reward time, localism, thought, investment, teamwork
    • Time – gathering intelligence should not be quick. People who take the time to really do their homework should be rewarded.
    • Localism – there should be a clear advantage to specializing in a particular area, allowing players to build up local knowledge and use it against their enemies.
    • Thought – intel-gathering should not be a rote activity, it should require people to make plans and then adjust them as they go.
    • Investment – those who are willing to make investments in intel-gathering, either in static or mobile tools, should be rewarded, as this further encourages specialization.
    • Teamwork – working together should be more efficient than working separately, because getting people to interact always brings value of one sort or another.

There was a lot of information on what CCP’s ideas were.. however, again.. it wasn’t a detailed plan of  how to get there.  They also made the effort to seperate “the grand unified plan for Eve and Nullsec” from the necessary Supercapital fix that needs to happen (and soon), which I believe is a good idea as it would be too easy for a successful change in this area to derail a good plan to fix all of Eve.

I suggest you read it, keep up with your CSM, and give CCP a “thanks” for keeping on this.