First off, I am looking forward to CQ and Establishments.. but let’s get the necessary things done first:

Here is this blog:

Then there is this killmail: – 27 supercapitals – 1/5th of the offensive fleet.

and this killmail: – also nearly 1/5th of the fleet with 25 Titans and 61 Supercarriers.

CCP, WTF are you waiting for? 

I am not mad at the DRF and their buddies.  It’s a game mechanic and they are using it to their advantage.. good for them.  CCP, however, needed to nerf the situation last year.. and that dev blog does nothing to tell us that you are on this problem and have it figured out.  The proliferation of super caps is so bad right now that even if you cut the defensive and offensive capabilities of both Titans and Supercarriers.. the sheer numbers of those being fielded RIGHT NOW by various alliances would not reduce either their use nor their overall dominance of the battlefield.

CCP, it is past time for you to fix this.  Oh, you say its not bad.. well, let’s check out a nice, handy-dandy feature from Eve Kill:

Wanna guess how many Titans and Supercarriers have been killed this month so far?

Titans: 2
Supercarriers: 5

Well, maybe that’s just a fluke month.. let’s see about July..

Titans: 2
Supercarriers: 28

A little better, and MAYBE the supercarriers lost in July might be half of the monthly production of Supercarriers.. maybe (2010 Production of Supercarriers was 595, or just about 50 per month).  But the Titan losses certainly didn’t come close to the probable monthly production (2010 Titan production was 95 for the year, or 8 per month).

Just for giggles, let’s go to June..

Titans: 6
Supercarriers: 10

Wow.. Titans certainly took a hit in June.. but Supercarriers were barely touched by comparision.

The worst part of this exercise was the realization that most of the Supercarrier losses weren’t from the major 0.0 powers, but from the smaller 0.0 and low-sec entities.  The ones less able to replace their losses when they do happen and have to purchase these ships because they do not have the means to produce them.

Thus, we have fallen over the slope and as it stands the 0.0 powers can proliferate their Supercaps WITHOUT FEAR OF LOSING THEM to ANYONE OR ANYTHING!  CCP, because these 0.0 entities also have strangleholds on Tech moons, they have the option to both build AND purchase Supercapitals at the same time.. unlike any of the alliances that you say you hope will advance into 0.0!

Listen VERY carefully CCP.. Incarna, no matter how awesome it is when it comes in the next expansion.. or the next one after that, cannot.. will not make up for not addressing the supercapital problem today.  TODAY.  Soon.. the only way to fix it will be to remove them completely from the game.. and I’d almost bet.. that we may already be at that point.