Four years.

Four years is not a little amount of time..but it is the amount of time that I have spent with M3 Corp.  This weekend however, m3 Corp, as per the CEO, Directors, and XOs, has officially closed its doors for an indeterminate time.  The official term is mothballing.  Recruitment has been closed and all roles for members have been dropped.  Everyone is free to move on to experience other aspects of Eve, and some have opted to let their subscriptions end.

Myself, I’m rather numb.  I put four years into m3 Corp.  Seen it through its victories and defeats.  Enjoyed fighting along side ones such as Greyhound37, Darth Ninjabadger, Jade Hayashi, Lumenarious Rex, Kirith Kodachi, Vexo, Shiggy, Maximus Decimus, and so on and so on.  It has been an experience and a priviledge to fly with those greats.  And I could not wish for a better group to fly with.

But I was also one of the XOs who opted that m3 take this break.

When a corporation of 70+ people, can’t even field 8 pilots during their high time, then there is something wrong.  Darth tried several things to get us back into ships, but too many of us, including him and myself, had serious Real Life issues to contend with.  Add to that, the anomaly reset and the continued propogation of Supercapitals, made our skills in small gang combat less attractive and more of a job rather than a pleasure.

So all of our efforts get m3 Corp back on its feet were for naught.  Many of the leadership, myself included as well as many of the rank and file, could not bring themselves to leave.  How dare we be disloyal in any way, shape, or form to such a great corporation, how could we leave when it needs us the most?  We had real friends all over the world, some paying good money keeping their subscriptions alive so they could take advantage of any upswing. 

Yet, we had done all we knew how to do, and nothing had improved.  After a few days of discussion, it was clear there was only one thing left we could do.  We, as a group, would still be together.. it just wouldn’t be in Eve.  Maybe the near mythical status that the Winter Expansion was being hyped as might change things.. but it could also be a colossal disappointment.  So, as a group, we opted to close m3 Corp’s doors, to give our members and leadership time to re-enjoy Eve in whatever capacity they could find.  Maybe by stoking those fires.. and letting them burn again.. m3 would live on in Eve later.

Several of Leadership have already left.  Some have left the game, others have joined various groups.  Myself, I got accepted into Noir., and I will get to see if I have what it takes to run with Mercs.