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Yes, they will see my Merc guns and my Merc attacks and they will be astonded at my..um.. Merciness.. um.. YES!  My uber MERCINESS!  And I will go on with my uber Merciness and create new words to profound and proliferate those who stand in my way!


On a more serious note.. because, you know, Internet spaceships is srs bizness, I look forward to this new opportunity.  m3 Corp once attempted to do merc work, but we found out the easy part is dealing with the targets.  The hard part is dealing with the client.. and especially getting paid.  So, see how an operation that actually works in that regard will be a learning experience.  I’ll have to discuss what I can and can’t put on my blog.. plus they might be helpful in coming up with some ideas for articles on Eve Stratics.

In the meantime, I’ll read the forums, listen to my handler, and keep my eyes on target and maybe learn some new skills.  It does seem though, by looking at their killboard, that my old skills will still be quite handy.