After reading this blog about the matter:, along with the other blogs I’ve read on this issue, I’ve decided the following:

CCP, I didn’t give you permission to think for me.  I play your game because I enjoy your GAME, not this silly little American-style PR crap that you have been pushing.  Understand, whoever is in your little PR group that is telling you this editing the minutes for this long is a good idea, is an idiot.  Plain and simple.

The vast majority of the players come to your game because its a mature world, with players ranging from late 20s up into their 50s.  We’ve been around the block a few times and most of us can see through the Mittani’s political stageplay, when it is such.  We understand that there is usually three sides to a story and they don’t always form up neat, clear lines.  And we also get you want to put CCP in the best light possible.  However, putting CCP in the best light possible means that you own up to what was said, and what was done, and who said it.  This delaying tactic doesn’t make the CSM look bad.. it makes CCP look bad.  It indicates to the player base that you are trying to hide something from us.. something you know we won’t like.

But, since you really don’t want to listen to little ole players like me..

To the CSM, I see no reason for you to withhold your minutes any longer.  You are trying to tell us what is going on in a game we all play and want to be better.  Only a fool would think that was a bad idea and CCP appears desperate to take the role.  They may wave the NDA in your face, but what can they do really that won’t lose them at least some subscribers?

To the CCP, after the CSM releases their notes, and your PR group foolishly starts waiving the NDA about like the small e-peen that they have, then you can release your “notes” which, considering how much editing time you’ve had, will show that every member of CCP high level management poop rainbows and solve world issues every time they trip.