So here I am, in a new corp.  A corp that has to travel and travel quite a bit as we do various contracts.  Previously in m3 Corp, we would set up logistic operations, give a breakdown of what ships to bring, how to operate.. but for all of this we had a strong carrier backbone and plenty of members to do the heavy lifting into our operating zones.  But with Noir., I get the sense that I need to be more self reliant than before.  This was after talking with one of the officers the other day.

So, I am left with a bit of a problem.

See, there are really two, maybe even three ships that I need to have in my possession for handling myself inside Noir.  All three have their place and uses but all three are very expensive and I can maybe only afford one.

  • Fenrir, Freighter Class – I am currently skilled enough to fly the Fenrir, the Minmatar Freighter.  Current price for one of these beasts is about 850mil isk, a little over half of my current pocketbook.  The bonus is that it can haul a large amount of stuff.. and rigged ships can be sent via cargo contracts.  Downside is that they are gank magnets and are far, far to juicy to go into 0.0 or even low-sec.
  • Nidhoggur, Carrier Class – As per my former m3 Corp requirements, I can field a pretty impressive Nidhoggur.  It also has the benefit of actually being combat capable while holding up to a two battleships worth of gear and supplies.  Since the Nidhoggur isn’t a popular carrier for most things, I think I can get one considerably cheaper.  The downside is that I can’t use it in high-sec space, which reduces my transportation options.
  • Orca, Industrial Capital Class – I am currently training for this, but probably won’t be able to fit my pod into one of these for at least another two-three weeks.  Aside from that, it would be a perfect compliment to a Nidhoggur though.  Even though it couldn’t fit any BS, it certainly could fit our most used T2 cruisers.  In addition, it can use jumpgates like a Freighter(edited).

Everything seems to clearly point to the Orca…

… too bad I wanna buy something NOW.