For the love of Incursions..

Not much happened this weekend, aside from running quite a few incursions between contracts.  I spent much of that time playing Logi, paired up in a Basilisk.  I also got to really see the difference between a well run Incursion operation, and one that wasn’t.  I’ll have to say that, so far, the fastest Incursion runs I was on was ran by our own KAtnos of Noir.  It was not unusual to run the Vanguard missions in five minutes flat. 

I also got the opportunity to run the DPS as well this weekend, which was a nice change of pace.  My Sliepnir, Painkiller, turned out to be the cheapest ship in the fleet, outside of the Logis.  I was quite jealous though my current skillset, expansive as it is, doesn’t get me into any of the nice faction battleships.  Well, maybe the Bhaalgorn.

As far as my overall experience, it is pretty clear that there are some ground rules you need to follow:

  • One battlecruiser in your fleet is OK, two is absolute fail (note: this does NOT include commandships).
  • If the FC can’t communicate on Comms via mic, he should not be the FC.
  • Speed = Isk.

10-4 Good Buddy..

I still have at least 15 more days left til I can use an Orca. which means I can be much more self reliant than I needed to be in the past.  Depending on how our next few contracts go, I’ll probably invest in a Carrier as well.  Needless to say, I may have to look a little more closely into the trading aspects of Eve.  My skillplan so far is to finish up Mining Barge V, then respec my skills and focus on getting my Leadership skills fully trained, including Fleet skills.  I need to have Mining Director I anyways to use the Orca, so I might as well make the most of it and really finish the combat leadership skills too.  I’ll have another respec available to me in December, and that will allow me to jump back into training Gallente ships and weapons.

Learning the Noir. Ropes.

Since I got hired, there have been two contracts that we have completed.  I was able to get on one, but the other was just a little out of my timezone.  I will have to admit, it is rather nice to be paid for PVP.  Still getting used to being in a new corp.  The membership of Noir. is certainly younger than that of m3 Corp.  The good news about that is they tend to have less bittervet issues and are more engaged.  Because of that, I am more willing to stay engaged in Eve than I have been recently.