What is a killmail?

Some would say bragging rights, others would say proof of activity, and still others would say intel.  Well, all of them are correct.  A killmail is proof that you are engaged, that you are fitting your ships correctly, that you are fighting where you need to be fighting.  It is, in my opinion, such an important piece of information that I doubt Eve would be where it is today without it.

But how does that correlate with Industrial pilots.. aside from them being targets?

Consider this, killmails are public.. completely public.  Even if you don’t post a loss or a kill, there is still a very good chance that the person you lost to or the person you killed will post it.  In addition, the major killboards go through and check the APIs to verify kills and do some killmail searching of their own.  So everything that a PVP pilot does is on display.. and thus his reputation and his skill are permanently attached to him.  There is no real hiding from it, and a PVP player cannot flip to the other side and raid his friends without every one knowing about it.

However, industrialists, are not under any such public scrutiny.  Yet, their role in Eve can be considered at least as important to an alliance operation as the PVPers role is.  This simply isn’t right and it doesn’t work like that in real life either.  You don’t know if the industrialist you hired is going to make your corp the next super power or if he has problems figuring out how to operate a calculator.  Industrialists should have at least some public affect for their actions, both good and bad.

Since most industrial corps aren’t all that big, I imagine it really isn’t much of a problem at the corp level.  However, at the alliance level, I have definately seen the need to have some sort of publicly viewable audit of industrial players, just like you have with your PVP players.

The best first step in this process is simple.  Just add the seller’s name to the market window, right next to the item name.  It makes no sense to me why this feature was not implimented at the very beginning of the game.  If I am going to buy something, I should have the ability to know who I am buying from BEFORE I purchase the item.

The second step would be to have a “Sale Mail”, which shows only the items the individual sold during the course of the week.  It would not indicate WHERE or HOW MUCH the items were sold for, but only just what items were sold during that week.

The third step is at the alliance level.  I firmly don’t understand why there isn’t a role at the alliance level, that is similar to a Factory Manager, that allows that person to see what is being built by all members of the alliance.  If you are part of a corporation or an alliance, that should be one of the trade-offs for improved protection and better logistics.  Now this position can’t directly stop any jobs or research plans.. but he will know if you are helping the alliance.. or just using it.