Here is the devblog all abouts it:

Three things are mentioned on this blog, and all three were needed fixes.

First off, Ship spinning is making a comeback.. as well as a few other things too.  This should be a wet dream for all those who hated what Incarna did to their poor PCs.  All the problems with Incarna and CQ were addressed: No ship spinning, the massive GPU and CPU problems, and finally the UI will be changed to reflect some of the old capabilities that we did like.

The second big thing was relating to the turrets.  I think this was a good idea because despite having a pretty good system, having to distinguish between “Yellow blob A” and “Yellow blob B” was quite annoying.. especially when you thought you hit your guns, but really you hit your salvager/tractor beam.

The third big thing dealt with how the Captain’s Quarters looked and how much fancier they made it.  Yeah, I probably won’t notice the difference either.

And just when I thought, “Well, that was bleh..” they drop the bomb.  They had a new cyno effect that is going to be put in THIS WEEK!  Though it is a WIP (i.e. Work In Progress), which means it won’t get sound until 2013.

Now, if this was last year, people would be stoked.   I don’t know about you.. but there seems to be sort of a malise that is covering Eve.  Kind of like watching your house be on fire.. but there is so much smoke you can’t see and you have convinced yourself that all is lost.  Sure, you hear the firefighter say everything is okay.. but you can’t tell if he just means that there’s no more fire.. or if all your belongings and memories are still intact.