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For the last three years, I have operated under the typical belief that I was a decent PVP’er.  I felt that, on a scale of 1-10, I was about an 8.  I knew there were better players than me, but I felt that I could hold my own.  However, our current contract in 0.0 has me thinking that I need to lower that number some.

See, it turns out that the mindset needed to be a merc is considerably different at individual level than what is needed for a Sov-holding Alliance.  I find that I am having a little trouble adapting to is as well.  So, let’s go over my two losses that happened this month.  Both of which I take responsibility for, but they do illistrate how different the mindset is.

Huginn better not do dat!

My first Loss:  http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=14269964

This was my first loss in Noir.  I lost it following the FC’s general order to try and knock the Tempest away from the gate.  The Tempest was set up with Neuts and I couldn’t get away fast enough before the rest of his fleet came in.

Now, in the 0.0 Allliance, most likely I would not hear a thing about the loss, and even if someone asked me, I could tell them exactly what I did and the answer would be, “Oh, okay.” and that would be that.  Losses happen all the time in 0.0, even in the best of circumstances.

In a merc alliance environment, though, every loss affects every aspect of the alliance.  It affects its reputation, its pay, its future contracts, everything.  Because of this, I was taken aside and we had a discussion about what I did and where I went wrong.

One of the more thing I found new.. was that unlike 0.0 fleets, in merc fleets the FC isn’t necessarily “god”.  I had to be more responsible for understanding what my ship could or couldn’t do.  So, trying to use my T2 cruiser against a Tempest in a mass contest was not a good idea.

Oh, I still hate Stealth Bombers

My second loss: http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=14304208 was significantly less costly, but it still annoys me.  In a 0.0 Sov Alliance, usually Stealth bombers are the bane of most fleets because often those flying them in fleets are just flying them to “get by” without investing in more effective battleships.  And often they are more trouble than they are worth because invariably some idiot hits the bomb button (either intentionally or unintentionally) and wipes out the friendly fleet’s drones.  And, in an era of 30+ man roaming gangs, a Stealth Bomber just isn’t that effective.

Plus.. I just really suck in them.

That being said, a stealth bomber does have its uses, and I decided to bring one out in fleet to get some much needed experience in one.  During our roam we managed to catch a Typhoon on gate and we bubbled and locked him when he jumped over.  Now, my uncloak point was about 30km from the target so, I AB’ed to the Typhoon to see if I could get under his guns because I thought that would be the one thing I could mitigate.  Even though I could fly fast, I got caught up on the gate and got eaten alive by both the ACs and the drones.  Looking back, I should have stayed in the 30km+ range and lobbed them from the safety of distance.  I was also told to be aligned to a celestrial.. but considering my exit point from the jump.. that just wasn’t feasible because I was already pretty far away from the intended target.

In Conclusion

So far, I really haven’t pulled my weight, though I have been on a couple kills.  It is rather embarrassing nonetheless.  One of the big issues I’ve found is that in 0.0 alliances, you have time to make your mistakes and to improve.  In a merc alliance, that time is decidedly short because the impact of each individual pilot is much greater, and losing ships has a higher cost than just the price of the ship.  Right now.. gotta rate myself as a 5.