Interceptors.  I make no secret that I am not a good ceptor pilot.  However, for the last four years, this has not been a problem.  The crew I was with always had one or two excellent ceptor pilots and the need was always for more dps or e-war.

Well, now that lack of training has caught up with me.. and I am humbly doing my best to learn, and in some respects unlearn, how to fly again.  The benefits of this is threefold.  First, I learn something that I needed to because I have come to realize that my previous skills can be much more enhanced if I get Interceptor training down.  Second, because of all the races, Minmatar ships really benefit from the skills you gain learning to fly Interceptors well.  And Third, well.. now it means I can add a few more ships to my Ship Theory page.

In the meantime, we’ll see you around.. especially after our 200th successful contract.