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So, our celebrated 200th contract finally was complete, and we moved out of 0.0.  Fortunately, I had no more humiliating losses and despite having next to zero game time available.. I was still able to get on a couple kills.  So, while not out of the doghouse, I am near the doggie door.

As most pilots well know, particularly those of the larger alliances and coalitions, Noir. has begun their 200th Contract Celebration which has started off much better than our Curse campaign.  We have wardec’d a ton of major alliances and have been flying around all over Eve looking to find targets.  The response.. well, the response was predictable.  Some corps left their alliances because of the War-dec, others like Eve Uni sent out 100 man fleets to hunt us down.  Ah, gotta love it.

During this time I’ve improved both my skills with the interceptor and stealth bomber, getting the real life understanding needed to fly them well and effectively (so expect to see new configurations for both of them in the near future).  I am also revisiting my skill at using the Rapier, Huginn, and Vagabond.  The simple fact is that my understanding of how to use the Rapier and Huginn fell behind the times.  Both of those ships aren’t exactly necessary in the major 0.0 fleets that the NC had fielded.. particularly since 1400mm equipped Maelstroms because they were the NC’s FOTM for quite a while.  The Vagabond on the other hand, I never got to get good with in the first place, because of type of fleets that were being run against us at the time.

So, how does that relate to my time in Noir.  Well, I am still surprised at how resistant I am at the thought of going back to Battlecruisers and the like.  But, the merc life means exactly what it sounds like.  You are trying to make money, and if a 40mil isk ship can do the task just as good as a 140mil isk ship, then you bring the 40mil isk ship.  Sometimes doing that isn’t as easy as it sounds because.. hey, I’m a 70mil SP character.. doing the same job that a 4 or 5 mil SP can do nearly as good.  But, that’s the reality of living a merc life.

On other notes, check out the new banner I got from Rixx Javix over at Eveoganda (http://eveoganda.blogspot.com/)!